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SEAS- Community Reading Project

No description

Jeenzy A

on 16 February 2018

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Transcript of SEAS- Community Reading Project

9th grade SEAS groups will be creating original alphabet books with original art/ illustrations to read to 1st graders
One book will be made per SEAS class (so four total)
People will be assigned certain letters from the alphabet A-Z to create pages for all 26 letters
We will be creating the books here during SEAS up until Wednesday February 28
On 2/28 we will take a field trip to the lower school and present our books to 1st graders there
You will also be assigned to a student there for 1:1 reading
Complete and print my page to be ready for the "crit" on Friday
Where and When
Image by Tom Mooring
SEAS- Community Reading Project
Today's Goal
Familiarize yourself with the product- the alphabet book (pass around)
Sign up for letters from the alphabet in a small group
Brainstorm ideas with the class
Requirements to Participate
No BB referrals in February
No more than 3 tab outs per week
The ninth graders will be visiting first graders at the lower school
Coloring Book
Is the image colorable?
Did I enter the color codes for each section?
Is my margin size ok?
Do I have an interesting and unique sentence for my letter?
Are there any grammar errors?
Have the first draft of your page printed and on your desk by itself
Everyone will walk around and provide feedback for each page, being constructive
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