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Reactions of Acids

By Sophie Becky and Alex

becky lacey

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Reactions of Acids

Reactions of Acids M.A.S.H Metal + Acid = Salt + Hydrogen O.A.W.S Metal oxide + Acid = Water + Salt Soluable Salts can be made from acids by reacting them with: Metals Insoluable bases Alkalis A.A.W.S Acid + Alkali = Water + Salt By Sophie and Becky Solid Alkali = Base Hydrochloric Acid Chlorides Nitric Acid Nitrates Sulfuric Acid Sulfates E.g. Magnesium + hydrochloric acid Magnesium chlorides Ammonia + Water Alkaline Solution H+(aq) = Acidic solution OH-(aq) = Alkaline Solution Neutralisation H+(aq) + OH-(aq) H O(l) 2 Salt Solutions can be crystallised to produce solid salt Percipitation: Precipitation can be used to remove unwanted ions from solutions, for example in treating water for drinking or in treating effluent. Insoluble salts can be made by mixing appropriate solutions of ions so that a precipitate is formed. Thanks for listening KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER
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