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Welcome to ENGL 0097 Express English Strate

No description

Diana Schirmer

on 22 October 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to ENGL 0097 Express English Strate

Welcome to ENGL 0091 English Foundations
...a basic understanding of the course and its policies
...a warm fuzzy feeling from getting to know your classmates
ENGL 0091: Express English Strategies
This course integrates the beginning levels of college-level reading and writing. Students will practice various reading strategies and develop proficiency in comprehending, summarizing and interpreting college-level texts as well as practice strategies designed to strengthen their writing skills, including grammar, usage and mechanics.
Basic Info
MWF 10:00-11:50 in C115
With your host, Diana Schirmer
office hours:
MW 12:30-2, TH 12-1
virtual office hours:
Assignments and Work
1. in class work (5 points, no make-up)
2. Homework (10 points, 50% if late)
3. Reading Plus (1 assignment weekly until completion, 15 points each)
4. Writing Projects (30 points, -10% per late class)
1. Description Paragraph
2. Narrative Paragraph
3. Illustration Paragraph
4. Process Analysis Paragraph
5. Comparison/Contrast Essay

The Writing Process
Stage 1: Prewriting and Planning
Stage 2: Rough Draft
Stage 3: Workshops, Editing, Revision
It's like training for a marathon
Stage 4: Final Draft for grading
*must attend workshops and submit rough draft
*-10% for no draft or missing workshops

Writing Projects 50% of Final Grade
Reading Plus 10% of Final Grade
Assignments 40% of Final Grade

Project/Unit Grades
90-100% A………student meets all qualifications
80-89% B…………student meets almost all of the quals
70-79% C…………student meets adequate amount of the quals
60-69% D…………student meets few of the qualifications
0-59% F…………....student meets very few of the quals

Policies: Attendance
come to class on time
do not schedule appointments
missed class? Get caught up on D2L Brightspace
Students who miss 6 or more days will lose 1% for every absence
Class Participation
email, Remind text, Virtual Office Hours (during real office hours)
I'll get back to you within 24 hours (48 on weekends)
I stop checking at 9 p.m.
Beauty Sleep
Late Work
Late Writing Projects: -10% per class period
Missing workshops/no Rough Draft: -10% and no comments
Late homework: 50% off
One rewrite for any paragraph (except the final)
Academic Honesty
Cheating = F for the entire class
Ice Breakers!
For Next Time...
Complete Syllabus quiz (on D2L Brightspace Quiz)
Bring a pen/pencil and paper or Laptop
better writing starts with better reading
Reading Plus Access
Time Travel Voucher
See syllabus
And talk about the schedule
...bust some writing/reading myths
...blow up some balloons
Writing Assignments
Reading, Writing, Grammar
Would you rather…
Be covered in feathers or covered in scales?
Eat waffles or pancakes?
Sing everything you say or dance everywhere you go?
Be a pirate or a ninja?

on to Writing Myths!
We'll talk about what this means later
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