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Amusement and Recreation Attendant,

No description

Konner Samson

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Amusement and Recreation Attendant,

Sports And Recreation
Amusement and Recreation Attendant,
Animal Trainer, Athletic Therapist, Bicycle Mechanic, Circus Performer,
Coach, Disc Jockey, Diving Instructor, Fitness Instructor, Horse Trainer, Lifeguard, Martial Arts Instructor, Massage Therapist, Outdoor Guide, Personal Trainer, Physical Education Teacher, Physiotherapist, Professional Athlete, Race Car Driver, Recreation Director, Recreation Therapist, Sport Psychology Consultant, Sports Instructor, Sports Marketer, and Sports Official are the jobs in this cluster

Whats In Common?
What do all of these jobs have
in common? Lets find out
Work environment
people in these jobs often work in sports arenas, recreation centres, amusement parks and in the great outdoors.
Who Has The Powa?
It is not super challenging to get a job in this market but it’s not super easy either. It is actually fairly easy to keep a job in this market once you have secured it for a month or so, so keep it up and stay dedicated!
Sports And Recreation
All of these jobs also require for the person to be able to deal with all types of athletes whether humble or not, or some type of fun and play
They all have to do with sports and all must have an idea about the game/sport they are involved in.
sports illustrated, TSN.com and Sportscentre.com.
Who's Got the money money money
The pay range is $0-$120 thousand + a year but the most common pay range is $60-$80 thousand a year
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