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The Unit Circle

No description

Dyvonne Body

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of The Unit Circle

Trigonometry Dyvonne Body and Christofferson Allison The Unit Circle Unit Circle A circle with the radius of 1 Unit Circle Centered at the origin (0,0) Covers all four quadrants π radians = 180° Radian Measure To convert degrees to radians multiply degrees by 180° π radians To convert radians to degrees multiply radians by 180° π radians SOH CAH TOA Sine Cosine Tangent The sine, cosine, and tangent can be directly measured using the Unit Circle Sine
Cotangent = y
= x
= y/x
= 1/y
= 1/x
= x/y Pythagoras Theorem Pythagorean Theorem a² + b² = c² x² + y² = 1 x² + y² = 1 Questions?
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