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raccoon dog

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CES Gifted Support

on 12 June 2018

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Transcript of raccoon dog

raccoon dog
Raccoon dogs have many adaptations. One example is hibernation. Raccoon dogs hibernate during winter. Another example is when it is winter the raccoon dogs fur is longer and denser.
Raccoon dogs are omnivores. That means they eat both plants and animals. Their diet includes, frog, beached fish and rarely catch fish, eggs, insects, birds, and gardens. Animals that eat raccoon dogs are, packs of wolves, wildcats, and humans.
Raccoon dogs live in dens that were originally owned by a fox or a badger. They live in small groups and climb trees to get away from predators.
temperate forests
Did you know that one third of earths land is occupied by forests? Raccoon dogs live in temperate forests. Temperate forests are broken up into five zones. The tree stratum, small tree, sapling, shrub, and lichen and moss. Temperate forests have 4 seasons with 75-150 cm of rainfall throughout the year.
raccoon dog
Raccoon dogs are a species of wild dog that is marked like a raccoon. Its eyes are black and its ears are the shape of a raccoons. Its fur is light brown and is darker around the legs. It has white fur surrounding the face. When they are born they are all black and look like puppies.
life cycle
Raccoon dog pups are born in late April to early May. They are blind when they are born and their eyes open after 9-10 days, they get teeth after 14-16 days. Both parents take care of their pups until they are able to hunt for themselves.
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