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stephanie magdic

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Ta-Na-E-Ka

Ta-Na-E-Ka Pg. 20 The Kaw/Kansa External Conflict Internal Conflict "People of the South Wind"
-Lived along Kansas River
-Began losing land to white settlers
-Forced to reservations Comprehension Q.
Pg. 20-24 Pg. 25-26 Pg. 27 Journal Response Grandmother
Loretta Shane Thinking of the days now past,
I see my grandmother young and beautiful.
She is like a flower ready to bloom.
Growing gracefully as the days go by.
Never knowing what the next day will bring.
Looking at her now, I see the beauty that was once before.
In a shell of long bitter years.
So close to me, and yet so far.
I admire my grandmother for who we are. Making Connections List the details given about the speaker's grandfather.

Is Roger's and Mary's family being fair in making them take part in the ritual?

What are some other kinds of rituals that Mrs.Richardson might be referring to?

Does Mary's knowledge of the Kaw women's equality affect her feelings of the ritual? Explain.

When could young people in Grandfather's age return from Ta-Na-E-Ka?

What changes are made in the Ta-Na-E-Ka ritual for Mary and Roger? Compare the descriptions of Mary and Roger after completing Ta-Na-E-Ka?What conclusions can you draw about Mary's character considering how she deals with her Ta-Na-E-Ka?Why does Grandfather not send Mary out on another "Ta-Na-E-Ka"?Grandfather believes that Mary's adventure is not what he trained her for, but Mary thinks differently. What is one main idea that everyone eventually learns from the story? How does Mary's description of the man at the counter make you
feel about him? Will he be an enemy or a friend to Mary?

What does Ernie's opinion about Ta-Na-E-Ka reveal about him?

What does Mary learn from her Ta-Na-E-Ka? feeling torn between family tradition and the modern world/older and younger generations

oppossing emotions and desires nature Notes:



Theme The time and place of the story.

It helps create the mood of atmosphere of the story.

Foreshadowing suggests events that have yet to occur in a work of literature. Writers use foreshadowing to build their readers’ expectations and to create suspense.

Example: A weapon found in a drawer early in a story might foreshadow a future crime in the story.

The big idea that a story conveys about life. Theauthor does not state the theme directly. The readers have to figure it out.
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