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2010 Honda Civic Hybrid By Winnie, Yuriy, Jeremy, Nikki, Tami

By Winnie, Yuriy, Jeremy, Nikki, Tami

Winnie Huang

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid By Winnie, Yuriy, Jeremy, Nikki, Tami

2010 Honda Civic Hybrid Target Market Slogan & Theme Slogan: " Are you going Green?" Theme: Our main them for the 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid
is to go green. The benefits of the refined gasoline-electric power train on the Civic Hybrid
are not all more obvious than when you watch thosenumber adding up at the pump, the fuel efficiency help save the plant and make the air more clean to breath.
Adult from 30 and up.
Income about $50000-$100000 a year
Male and femaleof every race what are married with at least two children.
Consumers: Many organizations, helping out he environment.
Those eho recycle everyday and keep their children with the same routine.
Suburban area where there are more families, parks, and houses.
Because our targeted consumers and customer live in the suburban area, they'll be more active in keeping the air clean in their communities.
Product benefits:
The 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid is filled with beneficial features. this car is gas efficient and it'll allow our customers to save a lot of money. This is also the main benefit of the car that relate to our campaign. Because it's gas efficient it also helps the environment. Another benefit our customers and consumers will appreciate is the flashlight. The flashlighr will be sold in the first 5000 cars on the market. It is just nifty we're giving to our customers as a gift that doesn't cost a thing. The Hybrid also given government tax credit on the car, yet an additional way to save money on a brand new car. Radio Advertising Narrator: Which car to buy in always a hard decision
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