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Leap motion

No description

Linzee Qi

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Leap motion

DATE: October 17 2013
Frank Wang Linzee Qi Henry Zhou Shunei Yamanaka
What if you could control the world with your fingertips?
Well...You Can't.
“Leap Motion” is The small aluminum device uses finger waves and hand gestures to interact with operating systems and computer programs.
Origin of Leap Motion
Similar to other motion technology already available. Leap motion offers Greater Control and Precise Accuracy.
Current motion control technology can only detect gestures.
Leap Motion is sensitive enough to track individual finger movement.
Leap Motion
We hope you enjoyed our presentation!

CTO(LEAP Motion) - David Holz
CEO(LEAP Motion) - Mickael Buckwald
How is it different from others ?
How does it affect our daily life ?
For Us ... Teenagers ... ?

-It eliminates the need of buying a mouse or even a keyboard !
-No gaming console/controller required --> Enhance Finger Gaming Experience !!
-Presentation "Wirelessly"
What can you explore?
-draw, paint, and design with fingertips.
-Slice fruits and shoot bad guys with your finger, steer cars and fly planes with your hands.
-Reach into the universe, grab the stars , and soar around the sun.
-All the apps can be downloaded from the Airspace Store.
-Osteopatic problems
- It breaks easily
-Uncomfortable use
How it works??
Headquarters : San Francisco, California, United States
Holz and Buckwald’s goal was to create a device that takes the place of a mouse. Instead of being hunched over in front of a computer using a mouse and keyboard, people could use the Leap to browse through their computer with a finger.
The Leap can benefit people who are unable to use a mouse because of physical limitations.
purpose and benefited

A little bit of magic.
A lot of freedom.

So, as you now know, gesture-based control is an up and coming technology with a lot of potential. It can make our lives a lot easier...
...And it's a whole lot of fun!
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