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Guerrilla Marketing in Kenyan mobile market

No description

Olga Revnivtseva

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Guerrilla Marketing in Kenyan mobile market

Ingredient №1:
Guerrilla marketing unconventional tactics
small budget
not educational or preachy
witness and be involved Ingredient №2:
Types of Guerrilla marketing Viral marketing
Ambient marketing
Presence marketing
Wild postings
Tissue-pack advertising
Buzz marketing
Alternative marketing
Experiential marketing Ingredient №3:
Kenyan mobile market Output Recipe:
Guerrilla marketing in Kenyan mobile market by Olga Revnivtseva, Sabina Maidla, Martina Balajtyova
Elective Element Project group positive background for development
booming industry
essential part of Kenyan life
strong support from government Viral marketing Ambient marketing Presence marketing Casio Innocent Wild Posting Tissue-pack advertising Experiential marketing Tide Astroturfing Buzz marketing Alternative marketing Adding Cultural Spices National Identity Language Rural areas Men vs. Women Classes and Symbols of wealth Religion primarily tribe identification, secondly nation identification
about 40 tribes
tensions between ethnic groups 69 spoken languages and dialects
2 official working languages - Swahili & English about 70% of population lives in rural areas
tendency to slow urbanization women are treated as second-class citizens
men usually control money & property in a family
poligamy is a tradition Kenyans of higher economic and social class assimilate Western culture
in rural areas wealth is measured in the number of cattle one owns or number of children he has 83% Christianity
11,4% Islam
3,4% Others
2,2% no religion Kenyans for Kenya Types of Guerrilla marketing used Cultural
peculiarities Viral marketing
Presence marketing
Experiential marketing
Alternative marketing
Buzz marketing National identity
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