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The Kite Runner

No description

Amal Hersi

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of The Kite Runner

Chapter 22:
Discussion Director
Chapter 24-25
Amir and Sohrab arrive In Islamabad, When Amir wakes up he does find Sohrab in his bed.
He finds Sohrab after the prayer on a staircase and asks him questions
Sohrab is glad his parents cannot see him. The sexual abuse he suffered makes him feel dirty and sinful.
Sohrab takes his nightly bath and tries to commit suicide.
After rushing Sohrab to the hospital Amir decides to pray after 15 years.
Soraya picks them up from the airport and meets Sohrab.
One rainy day in March 2002, Amir takes Sohrab, Soraya they go to a kite running festival.
Amir asks if he should run the kite for Sohrab, and Sohrab nods. “For you, a thousand times over,” Amir says and sets off running.
Chapter 23:
Amir wakes up hearing people asking questions such as “Who are you?” and “Where does it hurt?”.
Amir starts to imagine his dad wrestling a bear. Amir wakes up and he keeps fading in and out.
Farid tells Amir that Rahim Khan has left, but he left a note. Amir began to read the note Though Rahim Khan says he knew
everything that happened with Hassan.

They decide that they should leave Peshawar since its not safe they decide to go to Islamabad. They decide to bid their ways as Sohrab and Amir head off to Islamabad.
Chapters 22-25
The Kite Runner
By: Amal, Amina, Adam, and Anwar
Amir and Farid arrive at the head Taliban's house.
They lead him into an empty room then a man dressed in all white wearing his John Lennon glasses approaches him.

There conversation was short since he knew Amirs beard was fake he commands his guards to rip it off him.

Then the taliban leader started mentioning Babalu which Amir figured out that it was Assef all along.

Amir kept asking where Sohrab was moments later Sohrab enters the room dressed in bells around his ankles and began to dance after he finished dancing Amir asks to do anything to get the boy but Asssef denies and says we have unfinished business.

They begin to fight Sohrab hits Assef with his slingshot in the eye Sohrab and Amir ran out of the house to where Farid waited with the car. As they drove away, Amir passed out.
By: Amal Hersi
A famous Afghan card game played like poker.

The game is very similar to a Russian card game named Prostoy Durak

Panjpar is game that was mentioned again in chapter 23, page 320. Amir plays with Sohrab.

This game was first mention in chapter 6, page 60
How to Play
What is it?
Main objective is to be the first person with no cards
Played with 2 people. NOT PLAYED IN A TEAM
Each player starts with 5 cards
The opponent has to ''kill'' by picking up the played cards.
Panjpar is played almost the same as Prostoy Durak. However, Prostoy Durak is played with a deck of 36 cards and Panjpar is played with 5 cards.
New Location:
The Faisal Mosque
Theme and character development

Themes redemption and forgiveness
Redemption on finally fixing his wrong with Hassan
Forgiveness in himself after all these years
Margalla Hills
The Afghan War (2001)
"Soon after the attacks, America bombed Afghanistan, the Northern Alliance moved in, and the Taliban scurried like rats into the cave. "(25.382)
War in Afghanistan
Class discussion/Game
What is one positive and negative outcome that could have possibly occured from what happened to Amir and Sohrab in that room with Assef?

What difference does it make that Assef ended up being the man he had to talk to?

who saves Amir from Assef? and why do you think that person saved him?

What do you think would happen if Sohrab had successfully committed suicide?

After finishing the book, do you feel like the title has a different meaning, than from when it started?
Character development
Amir's bravery
Farid's assistance
Sohrab's resemblance to his dad
Soraya's acceptance to a child
Jamilia's happiness
Taheri's unacceptance of a hazara
By: Anwar
Point of view

Amir's Injuries
Ruptured spleen

Broken teeth

Punctured lung

Fractured eye socket bone

Upper lip cut into two
Warning- Graphic
Thank You
Unfamiliar Words
La ilaha illallah muhammadur rasool allah
: There is no god but Allah and Muhammed is the messenger of Allah.
Afghan Pakol
An Afghan hat that is typically made out of wool.

: In the name of Allah.

: strength

: Unique
Zendagi migzara

: "Life goes on."

: The longest night of the year.
It is told through amirs P.O.V
In this point of view we never get to fully understand why Sohrab stopped talking
We don't get to learn what happened with Rahim Khan
we are limited to the knowledge that only Amir has

: means if god wills. But, usually used as well done. It is mostly used for praise and joy.


: In god's will.

Loya jirga
: meeting for choosing a new head of state.

: prayer


: A Farsi term for Soviets.
Literary Element Illuminator
Hassan and Sohrab both save Amir from Assef
"They made slow stroking motions, up and down, side to side,
if he were caressing an invisible pet."
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