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Tum Tum

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Your Prezis

on 22 March 2016

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Transcript of Tum Tum

disabled parents


...burdensome, neglectful, irresponsible
Stigma around
our ability to parent
Thanks for
your time!
Just being a parent is not so
People getting on with their lives is not, to put it horribly bluntly, necessarily all that interesting to readers.
The issues are sometimes complicated
What has
that got to do with toilets?
I'm a child carer
Lili shops, cooks, cleans and helps to look after her disabled mother, and her younger brother and sister.
Kate Hilpern meets a bright, creative eight-year-old girl, who is one of thousands of Britain’s young carers
...And our children are seen as young carers / future young carers!
There was one teacher who joined my school when I was in year 6; she was the only one who I could talk to about my mum,” says Antonia-Rae. “Every teacher there knew my mum was disabled and every teacher knew that I looked after her.”

But behind every young carer is a disabled person whose needs are not being met by statutory provision.

Often supporting a young carer is cheaper.
Morgan Shanahan
Guardian Journalist, private email to me, 2014
Practical activities
Young carers exist
Fear of Social Services taking your baby
Cultural needs
Access to funding
Disabled parents do things differently, but often feel judged because of the stereotypes in the media.

They feel that they have to prove themselves...that they almost have to be 'better'.
Being a new parent can be difficult for anyone!
Baby changing / toilets become an important part of your life!
a personal
well equipped
free from judgements
hazard free
changing rooms
Self conscious in shared baby change spaces.
Top toilet tips 4 [yummy mummy] crips
I could go to the toilet too!
reduced fatigue
I had access to facilities, such as handrails
I was more relaxed
Helped with bonding
Accessible with baby change facilities, and freshly ground coffee*

* optional
No access to a loo!
The privacy helped me to manage the support from my personal assistant, without feeling judged
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