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Do You Need a New Business System?

No description

Art Olsen

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Do You Need a New Business System?

Business System Evaluation
Presented by:

Where to Start?
Evaluation and Selection
Accounting is the Foundation
Customer Relationships
Marketing campaigns
Sales funnel management
Contact management
Track communications
Address and resolve issues
Do You Need a New Business Software System?
Distribution and Manufacturing
Purchase, manage, sell inventory
Plan production
Capture costs
Project Costing
Track time
3rd party costs
Project profitability
Manage resources that deliver services
3rd parties
Signs You Need a New System
You get financial statements weeks after month-end
Your staff spends excessive time manipulating spreadsheets
Customer management
Services management
That don't talk to each other
Online Shopping Carts
Self-service order entry with availability & pricing
Freight and logistics
Product Life Cycle Management
Preventative Maintenance
Computer aided design
Too many missed product shipments or service delivery dates
Multiple Disconnected Systems
Business indicators available only after close
Cash levels
Days sales outstanding
Inventory turns
Sales and margins
Cash requirements
Too much cash is tied up in receivables or inventory
Form a project team
Align your business and system objectives
Review your current processes
Lead to cash
Procure to pay
Closing the books
Generating statements
Produce operating information
Documenting is important
Identify system deficiencies
List key features
Create a feature checklist
By functional area
Survey the market
Web search
Find Accounting Software
Technology Evaluations
Trade groups
Get to 5 or 6 candidates based on your features checklist
First look at software and partner
Review your checklist with the partner
Take an initial look at the software
Ask about the team
Select the top two or three
In-depth demo
Control the demo
Score the capabilities
Out of the box
Cover implementation approach
Select the finalist
Software that scores best
Partner you can have a long-term relationship with
Provides adequate ROI
Check references - software and partner
Ask for a proposal to include:
Company overview
Proposed software
Implementation methodology
Proposed software and services costs
Review and finalize
Reference Information
Patricia Bennett, CEO
Art Olsen, Solution Architect

Business system search tools:
Blog posts at www.pcbennettconsulting.com
ERP: Repair or Replace
eBook: "6 Phases of Any Business Software Implementation"
Business systems manage:
- Leads to cash
- Procure to pay

Patricia Bennett, CEO
Art Olsen, Solution Architect

Start implementation
Goal: understand the business needs
Project team
Discovery meetings
Identify gaps, risks & solutions
Project plan
Design and Configuration
Create a prototype
Get oriented to the system
Document procedures

System Development
Configure go-live system
Customizations if required
Develop end user training
Create conversion plan
Load sample data
Test any customizations
Test running the business
Train users
Determine user readiness
Load static and dynamic data
Convert the project team to a steering committee
Identify problem areas and solutions
Life after Go-Live
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