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Forensic Psychology

No description

Angel Gonzalez

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Forensic Psychology

What is forensic psychology?
Nature of Topic
Forensic Psychology
Angel Gonzalez
Mrs. Garcia
Period 6

Thesis Statement
Forensic psychology combines both psychology and the justice system
Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and it's functions
Forensic science is used for the purposes of law, which provides impartial scientific evidence used in the courts, criminal investigation, and trials
Combining both the study of law and human psychology, the career of a forensic psychologist is challenging, requires keen skills of observation, and can be satisfying at the same time.
Major Employers
Role Model
Learning Stretch
5-Year Plan
Final Thought
High School

Law firms
Universities and colleges
Police departments
Consulting firms
Master's degree in business
Office and court settings

Interviewing people

Researching offender’s life history

Providing expert testimony in courtrooms

Work closely with police and federal agents
to solve crimes

Job in makeup industry
Have my own home/condo.
A graduate of a 4-year university
Bachelor's Degree
MAC, Sephora, or Macy's
Through therapy, stopping criminals from being repeat offenders
Solving criminal investigations
Taking criminals off the streets
Depends where they work

Amount of experience
and education

$33,900 - $103,000

Forensic psychologists working for state and
local governments do not earn as much as
those working in private practices,companies
and hospitals.
Making our community a safer place
Manage my time
Write a college-level paper
Research more efficiently
Clinical & professional mentoring

Retrains sexual offenders

Working with veteran profilers

Learn to deal with my stress
Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance
Paid holidays, vacation, and sick-leave
Private clinical practice - flexible schedule hours
Greater benefits come if they enjoy their job, and helping others...

issued vehicles
Knowing a lot of people in law enforcement, and in court houses
Multi-cultural influences
Extremely dangerous suspects
Uncooperative people
Unreliable sources
Unethical usage of information
Improper chain of custody
Issues with the legal stipulations

Studies verbal and nonverbal cues for deception and lie detection
Advises the police about suspects
Acts as an Expert Witness in court
Published more than 300 articles
Teaches in the University of Portsmouth's
Dept. of Psychology
Aldert Vrij

Those Working in Civil Courts:
Measure how severe a patient's disorder is,
give second opinions,
and provide psychotherapy to crime victims

Those Working in Criminal Courts:
Conduct evaluations of mental competency,
work with child witnesses,
provide assessment of juvenile
and adult offenders
Learned this wasn't a career I wanted to pursue
Senior project was very challenging and at times boring
Glad I was able to accomplish my first research paper
Happy that I ended my last two years in high school at North Park
Public Speaking
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