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Just Jane

American Revolution

Monique Perez

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Just Jane

Just Jane Lavender, William. just jane. 1st Gulliver Books pbk. ed. Orlando, Florida: 2005. Print . Plot -Jane moves to Charlestown.
-She's originally from England.
-Known as Lady Jane,but prefers just Jane. She meets a school master named Simon Cordwyn. She gets offered to take an all boys class,but her family thinks she's crazy Characters Main Jane (daughter of England0
Edward (dad)
Clarissa and Robert Prentince (aunt and uncle )
Simon Cordwyn (schoolmaster)
Luther (slave of the Dudley house)
Omar (Butler of the Rose Wall plantation )
Cuba { house maid-Rose Wall plantation(Omar's wife } Setting Charlestown during the Struggle of the American Revolution. I recommend this book because it's a good book . It could be for anyone of any age but it's more for young adults. Recommendation Jane and Simon get married.They settle down in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and make a school where there shall be no prejudice toward the negroes. Robert shows up and takes Jane to his plantation Rosewall, where she meets two unlikely friends, the servants Omar and Cuba. War ENDS! War BEGINS! Robert and his brother Hugh, who Jane is forbidden to see because he is a patriot and not a loyalist, have not spoke or seen each other since the disputes between America and England. The two brothers make up thanks to Jane. Jane is undecided of where to live due to the war.Independance is being fought for Jane hasn't spoken to her Uncle Robert since he left.
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