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CHCS Tweets

Twitter can be a valuable tool for tracking learning in short, one-sentence summaries. As students tweet their learning progress, frustrations, and accomplishments, they form a community of learners who can support each other in the online environment.

Kelly Tenkely

on 25 February 2011

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Transcript of CHCS Tweets

What IS twitter? Questions? Illustration by Mat Moore
Freelance Illustrator
garlicandcoffee@gmail.com CHCS Can Use Twitter to: Give parents the opportunity to follow their child's learning in new, meaningful ways. Give the community opportunities to "peek" inside CHC classrooms to get a feel for what makes us special and unique. Connecting with other Tweeting Cassrooms... lists Connect students to a global learning community. Connecting students with "experts" (Astronauts, scientists, authors, artists) - more lists Connecting with other teachers- more lists Model proper use of social media for students. Give students opportunities to reflect on their learning. CHCS Created by Kelly Tenkely
based on Prezi by Maria Andersen
Mathmatweets What is it like to take
your class on Twitter? What does it mean for you? Tweeting with Students... Tweet as a class on the Promethean Reflect on learning as a class 140 characters at a time Formative assessment:
What did your students learn? Connecting with others Connecting with the CHC community, parents, and admin What will it take? Tweetup where you will learn some "geek" speak. If you can text, post on Facebook, or instant message, you can Tweet! A few Tweets (or more) each day composed by you and your students- Class reflection.
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