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Sec 1 AEP Term 2 Week 4

Chong Chia Hwei

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Self-Portraits

SELF PORTRAITS Homework Produce a self-portrait:
a line drawing of your own face Conclusion How much did you draw when you were young? Why did you draw? Why do we draw?
in order to symbolically explore our worlds
to represent and understand ourselves in relation to our world
to experience what we see in an intense, intimate way Rule 1: Anyone Can Draw. Rule 2: To Draw Well, You Must Practice. SEEING VERSUS KNOWING You may think you know what your hand looks like.
But have you really looked at it? BLIND CONTOUR DRAWING One continuous line Without looking at your paper Looking ONLY at your subject ROUND 1 ROUND 2 ROUND 3 The outline of your open hand The outline and details of your open hand Your fingertips in a 'dragon' shape VISUALIZE
FIRST! Next Lesson: Painting Before you go, have a photo taken of your face! Face Drawing
Lesson 2: Painting Drawing & Painting Lesson 1:
Drawing in Proportion Painting
Portraits Submit your completed self portrait by next Thursday Bring your painting equipment! Proportionate Face Drawing Tonal Painting of A Portrait Lesson overview:
1. Recap on proportionate face drawing
2. Timed Drawing Assignment
3. Instructions & Demonstration of Painting Assignment Self-Portrait Drawing Tones Blending How light behaves on your
subject matter Highlights Shadows Gradients TIMED ASSIGNMENT! In your sketchbooks,
Construct your own guidelines
Use your photo as a reference for the shapes and positions of your facial features
Drawing must be completed in 35 minutes 5 minute break! What we have learned:
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