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Engaging Fluent Readers Using Literature Circles

Encourage thoughtful discussion while allowing students to practice and develop skills and strategies of good readers.

Rachelle Hulbert

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Engaging Fluent Readers Using Literature Circles

Rachelle Hulbert, 2012 Literature Circles
Sheena Cameron's Literature Circle Wiki What are Literature Circles? Student Roles Provide:
a scaffold - can be removed once students are familiar with each of the roles and can work without the worksheets, similar to training wheels on a bicycle
a thinking model Discussion Prompts Recommended Texts Downloadable Resources http://sheenasliteraturecircles.wikispaces.com/Downloads guided primarily by student insights and questions,
structured for student independence, responsibility and ownership,
intended as a context in which to apply reading skills,
part of a balanced Literacy program. They are: Book Marks - Role Cards 1. Discussion Director
2. Word Master
3. Passage Picker
4. Illustrator
5. Connector
6. Summariser
Copy of the text or book
Post-it notes to flag pages or passages in the text
Literature Circle Packets that include role cards, prompts, procedures, evaluations, etc.
Role Wheel Materials 1. Active Readers
2. Able to use Reading Comprehension Strategies
3. Make connections to other texts, world and themselves
4. Work productively in a group setting with their peers. Learner Needs 1. Handy Resources
Short Stories 1, 2 & 3 (RA 10-16)
by Hilton Ayrey

2. Harper Collins recommended texts for
Literature Circles with older students

3. Literature Circle Texts http://www.harpercollins.com/harperimages/ommoverride/reading_list_yrs7_8.pdf http://www.handyres.com/resources/D5/4309/Other/MAC%20eBooks/Short%20Stories%201.pdf Student Role Worksheets Literature Circle Resource Centre http://www.litcircles.org/ iPAD Literature Circles http://www.ipadlitcircles.com/ http://www.litcircles.org/Books/books.html A good idea to set guidelines and discuss what makes successful literature circle discussions and what discussion elements look and sound like... http://prezi.com/kgdt9pzdauih/edit/#6_21290605
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