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African American Jobs in The 1950's

No description

kaley beckstead

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of African American Jobs in The 1950's

In the Northern cities, African Americans that were searching for jobs were nearly impossible because of their skin color.
Racial discrimination often relegated them to a low-paying service jobs.
Job possibilities were limited by discriminatory labor practies demanded by European immigrants competing with blacks for skilled jobs.
All labor in the South was considered "nigger work"
Unemployment rates for African Americans have been far higher then those of whites.
In 1954, Bureau of Labor Statistics had consisted unemployment date by race, the white rate average was 5% and the black rate average was 9.9%.
The widest gaps between black unemployment and white unemployment was recorded in the late 1980's, with black rates as much as 2.77% greater than whites.
An African American woman working as a elevator operator
The Search for Jobs
Pushcart operators
Hack drivers
Cattle breeders
Elevator operators
Gas station attendants
Parking lot attendants
Dry cleaners
African Americans found it almost impossible to obtain licenses as hack drivers or pushcart operators.
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