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Our Trip to Spain

No description

E Stos

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Our Trip to Spain

Our Trip to Spain
We had a great trip. There were obviously a lot of problems. We ended up with $2880.
Travel and Rentals
Flight- round trip flight on Delta Airlines, costing $700, dates Jan. 19 and Jan. 28
Hotels- Hesperia Sant Joan Suites ($300, Barcelona), Pio XII Apartments ($300, Valencia), Praktik Metropol ($300, Madrid)
Cars- Mini-Van($200, Barcelona), Mini-Van ($100, Valencia) Mini-Van ($200, Madrid)
Train Tickets- EuskoTren railways to Valencia ($50), EuskoTren railways to Madrid ($50), EuskoTren railways to Barcelona ($50)
Passports: $100, took pictures at Wallgreens
Barcelona Food
Valencia Food
Burger King: We had hash browns for four, which is $20 for breakfest on January 23.
Foster's Hollywood: We had chicken wings for four, which cost us $30 for lunch on January 23.
Domino's Pizza: We had pizza for $25 for dinner on January 23.
Restaurante Pio XII: We had pancakes for $20 for breakfest on 24.
Autoctono Argentino La Espanola: We had chicken wings, which was $25 for lunch on 24.
LA BOTILLERIA: We had steak for four, and it cost us $25 for dinner on 24.
Madrid Food
Abrasado: we ate french toast for $25 for breakfest on January 25.
19 Sushi Bar: we had sushi for lunch, and it cost us $20 on 25.
Rodilla: we had eaten Steak for dinner, which cost $30 on January 25.
La Casina:: we ate waffles for breakfest on January 26. It cost us $20 .
Puerto Rico: we ate tortillas for lunch on January 26, and it was $20.
Ribs Abada: we had eaten ribs for dinner for $30 on January 26.
Garbo: for breakfest, we ate bacon for $15 on January 27.
El Guacho: we ate bean stew for lunch on January 27. It cost us $25.
Cunbik: we had eaten paella for dinner on January 27, and it cost us $25.
Steakburger: we had pancakes for breakfest, which cost us $15 on January 28.
Al Trapo: we ate cocido soup for lunch on January 28, and it cost $20.
Vips: we ate longaniza for dinner on January 28 for $25.
Written by:
Conor McCloskey
Josh Parson
Evan Stosic
Dylan Rogerson


Barcelona Soccer Game
We got $60 worth Barcelona jerseys at the game. Barcelona won 3-1 and Messi scored two goals. We all got food at the game and Conor was going crazy, waving his shirt when Messi scored.
Sagrada Familia
Today, we went to the great building of Sagrada Familia. There was a lot of sightseeing there. It was one of the biggest buildings we have ever seen.
Jan.19 $100
Jan.20 $48
Jan.21 $40
Barcelona Zoo
We got $20 worth of stuffed animals at the zoo.
We went to see the tigers
but Josh was scratched. He only got a minor scratch and we put a band-aid on it.
Jan.22 $100
Barcelona Aqarium
We got a hermit crab for each of us and the supplies which cost $15. Dylan broke some of the glass that held the water and it flowed out. Luckily, it was only a small hole that cost us $30.
Jan.23 $80
Walking Tour
Jan.24 Free
Jan.25 $100
Madrid Soccer Game
Jan.26 $100
Madrid Royal Palace
Jan.27 $100
Segway Tour
Jan.28 $100
Hop-On, Hop-Off Tour
We traveled the streets of Madrid where we
saw statues and monuments. After a couple of minutes we looked back to check on Evan and he was gone. We looked for him every where and found him in a restaurant having a burger.
Conor got lost trying to find the bathroom. So we had to wait two hours before the employee found him. He found Conor in the basement.
We all went to the beach where we went surfing and all of us went into the tube of the wave but Conor didn't balance very well and face planted into the water while Evan, Josh, and Dylan left Conor behind and kept surfing.
We had fun seeing things that were very interesting.It took time to get used to hopping on and off the bus. We had lots of fun.
Restaurante Plato 2: We had chicken tenders for four, which cost $30 for lunch on January 19.
Dosipa: We had cheeseburgers for four, which cost $30 for dinner on Januray 19.
Bodegas: We had four tacos for $30 for lunch on January 20.
Follia: We had chicken w/ rice for four, which cost $40 for dinner on January 20.
Los Arcos: We had potato roast with chicken for four, which cost $35 lunch on January 21.
Selecta Restauracio: We had meet balls for four, which cost $25 for dinner on January 21.
Gallina Blanca: We had churros and beef soup for four, which cost $30 for lunch on January 22.

We had a lot of fun. Josh caught a game ball that was shot over the goal. We also got Madrid jerseys that cost $40.
It was a beautiful day on the walking tour. We went to see new places and monuments. We also learned new things that we never new.
Luck Wok: tortillas for $25 for dinner on January 22.
We ate at the hotel for breakfast every day in Barcelona.
Hospitals: Barcelona-Hospital del Mar, Valencia-Hospital La Fe, Madrid-Hospital de Madrid

PS4 ($400), FIFA 14 ($60), NBA 2K14 ($60), 4 motorized razor scooters ($600),

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