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GCSE PE The Respiratory System

How the respiratory system works

Olie Wright

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of GCSE PE The Respiratory System

The Respiratory System
made by
Mr Wright

provides oxygen to the entire body through the blood stream
Respiratory System
Take in oxygen and breathe out
carbon dioxide
Red blood cells transport oxygen to body cells that need it.
Red blood cells pick up carbon dioxide and transport it to the lungs where it is exhaled.
The tube that enters chest cavity

Filters the air we breath

Divides into bronchus
Main Parts
Nasal Cavity
Each bronchus divides, making bronchiole tubes that go directly to the lungs.
The bronchioles divide and lead to tiny air sacs called Alveoli
Oxygen travels into the alveoli and diffuses
through the capillaries. It then goes into the
blood stream.

Carbon dioxide is released into the alveoli. It
is then exhaled as it follows the reverse path out of
the lungs.
(Gaseous exchange)
is the main muscle used when breathing
Whilst watching the following video try and complete the sheets provided
Skeletal System
Protects the lungs
bottom ribcage is attached to the diaphragm
Expands and Contracts when air is inhaled and exhaled
Muscular System
is responsible for the
contraction and relaxation
of the diaphragm
Circulatory System
carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissues.
transfers carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs.
Recap Time
Fun Fact
When coughing, droplets that get ejected
from your mouth can travel up to 3 feet
Fun Fact 2
Laughter exercises your lungs,
strengthing them.
Fun Fact 3
When asleep,
you only breathe 10-15 times a minute.
These will be explained
in more detail later.
So lets see if we have learnt anything?!
1) To be able to list the components of the respiratory system

2) To be able to explain the breathing movements in the chest during inspiration and expiration

Learning Objectives
1) Having packed away your books..... can you now explain (to a person nearby) the pathway 'Oliver the oxygen molecule' takes from the air to the blood?
2) Can you use the following video to explain the mechanics of respiration
Key terms:

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