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Glass: No where to call home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Glass: No where to call home

Chapter 1
A little girl named Frances was sleeping and heard a strange sound. Walked out of her room to figure the sound out. Mrs. Bailey, the house maid, told Frances to go back to bed. Later, there was a knock at the door. The butler named Gordan answered the door and little Frances came to greet whoever it was. Two police officers were on the other side of the door with a fake smile on thier faces. They asked to see her dad and left. Frances went back to bed, but heard the same sound again, but she recongized it this time.
A gun shot
. Her father had lost all his money and did not want to live anymore. He shot him self.
Chapter 3
Frances has everything she wanted packed, and is ready to go. A cabbie will take her from her house to the train station. There she will board the train and go to Chicago.
Chapter 4
She lied to the red cap man and ran. She baught her self some boys clothes and put them on. Problem was her hair.
Chapter 5
She cut her hair and put on the hat she had baught. Now she was waiting for the right moment to hop the trsin she wanted.
Chapter 6
She got on the car that she had chosen and started to play her harmonica. Later she heard a voice say "Nice tune." and she dropped it. There was another person in the car. She made her voice deeper and talked with the other person.
Chapter 2
Frances sat with all the servents and at breakfast. She was to pack everything she wanted to take with her to her aunt's, and everything else will be sold.
No where to call home
by: Hannah Glass

Chapter 7
Her and Stewpot, the other person, got off the car and went to the closest jungle. Along the way, they met with 5 other people. 2 of the others were
Chapters 8
Chapter 9
Chapters 10- 14
Chapters 15-20
Chapters 21-26
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