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Peasant vs. Nobles

7th grade history cba

pietrina coe

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Peasant vs. Nobles

Peasants vs. Nobles
Housing Similarities
Peasants and Nobles
Land surrounded their houses
They both divided their land into sections in oder to grow crops
They both had peasants work on their land for food
Clothing Differences
Job Differences
Clothing Similarities
Housing Differences
Job Similarities
If broke the law of only wearing certain colors and fabric could be fined or put in jail
Could not afford dark dyes. So they wore yellows, light reds, and greens
Wore wool tunics with about 2 outfits for one year
Do not have to worry about the law stating what colors and fabrics not to wear
Wore most popular colors of dark blues, maroons, deep gold, and bold oranges
Wore silk or velvet, and had many outfits

for one year
Peasants and Nobles
Men both wore tunics
Women both wore wool dresses
Both men and women wore belts
Noble and peasant men wore stockings
Everyone wore some type of hat
Cultivated land
Gave crops to knights, and nobles, and king
Some peasants tended there animals (if had any)
Directed peasants to tend their land
Were holders of judges, castlellans, and stewards
Mainly made sure lower classes did their jobs
Peasants and Nobles
Both made sure crops where grew on their land
took care of their work
gave food and land for the protection of the knights
There are many differences and similarities between the peasants and nobles. I would not choose to be a peasant in the middle ages because they have raggedy clothing, they have small houses (with no windows), and they stay outside the whole day farming just so they have food to eat. I would rather live to be a noble. All they have to do is decide if people are doing their job right, wear the fanciest of clothing, and go home to a giant castle with all the food they could eat!
Lived in huts made of straw
The floor was the earth
No windows, just one door
Dark and dusty huts
Could live on a small manor of 300 acres with 15 peasant families to work and share the land with
Could live on a big manor with several thousand acres and 50 peasant families to work and share the land with
Lived in a castle or stone house
Their house/ castle was very strong and sturdy (indestructible)
Found on hill tops usually by river bends
surrounded by a moat
Had a lowering and raising gate into the structure over the moat
The Middle Ages
Peasants and nobles in the middle ages were very different from each other. Peasants lived a life of working hard to get things, while nobles were gave what they wanted. Peasants had to farm and work all day to get food for their families. Then after a long day they had a poor house with uncomfortable furniture to sleep in. On the other hand, nobles took care of business, and went home to a castle with the finest of furniture. If you ask me, I'd rather live in the middle ages as a noble. They basically had a worry free life!
Classes of the Middle Ages
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