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Islam Project

No description

Romy Massey

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Islam Project

Believe in 1 God
Called "Allah"
Favored Adam, Abraham, and Muhammed Beliefs More Beliefs People start good
Ask for Forgiveness
Worship Everyday
Believe in 5 pillars Beginnings 622 C.E.
In Mecca and Medina
Muhammad ibn Abdallah Religion Spreads Allah gave word to Prophets
Conquerors: Abu Bakr, 'Umaribn Al-Khattab, 'Uthman bin 'Affan Symbols: Moon With star
International faith sign Moon with Cross
Shows Humanitarian Status Holy Places Mecca: First place on Earth
Medina: Muhammad lived for a time
Jerusalem:Muhammad Rose to heaven More Holy Places Najaf: Place of many Schools
Mosques: Places of Worship
Karbala: decendent of Muhammad Buried Islam Map of Influence Work Cited By: Taylor Freeborn, Kelsey Creech,
And Romy Massey John, Williams A., ed. Islam. Vol. 1. New York: George Braziller, 1961. 43. 1 vols. Print. Tabataba'i, 'Allameh S. Islamic Teachings: An Overview. Trans. R. Campbell. Vol. 1. N.p.: n.p., 2002. 1-10. 1 vols. Print. Anonymous. "Holy Cities of Islam.” ReligionFacts. 13 February 2005. Accessed 5 February2013<http://www.religionfacts.com/christianity/holidays.htm>. Hussain, Tanveer. "The Quranic Teachings." The Quranic Teachings The Ultimate Goal of Islam Comments. Quranic Teachings., 2012. Web. 05 Feb. 2013. Davies-Stofka, Beth. "Library." Missions and Expansion. Avalon Consulting, LLC, 2008. Web. 05 Feb. 2013 Rizvi, Sayyid M. "How Did Islam Spread?" How Did Islam Spread? North American Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities, May 2006. Web. 05 Feb. 2013. More Work Cited Shi'a Muhammad Named Successor

Only Muhammad's Family had Authority

Rely on Muhammad's Descendants teaching Sunni Muhammad had no Successor

His Companions have authority

Rely on Consensus of Religions We are here Different Sects Major Figures Holidays Muharram: Muslim New Year
Mawlid Al-Nabi: Muhammad's Birthday
Eid Al-Fitr: Festival after Ramadon
Ramadon: A month of Fasting to purify the Soul Holy Books Qur'an- Direct Word of God means "recitation"
Hadith- Teachings of Muhammad on how to be the Perfect Muslim "Hadith" Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster. February7, 2013 <http://www.merriam-webster.com>. Abraham- father of Ishmael and Isaac, Important Prophet
Adam- First Human
Isa- Another Name for Jesus; after Muhammad in Importance
Muhammad- Founder Chosen By God
Imam- Mosque Leader Imam Muhammad Modern Mecca Mosque Shi'a Sunni
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