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ASL Literature Across the Curriculum

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Mark Holcomb

on 19 July 2016

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Transcript of ASL Literature Across the Curriculum

ASL Literacy Across the Curriculum
What is ASL Literacy?
Classroom Strategies
Importance of ASL Literacy
Group Activity
Mark Holcomb
ASL Literacy
Poems, Folktales, and Storytelling

Uses American Sign Language and creative uses of signs, handshapes, facial expression, and classifiers.

Classroom Strategies
ASL Literacy Across the Curriculum
Presented By: Mark Holcomb

The ability to use all features of ASL to express oneself fluently.

"Master your language"
Social Studies
Types of ASL Stories
Gestures (VGC)
"I don't teach ASL... how can I use these? "
Formative Assessment
Summative Assessment
Anticipatory Lessons
"Create an Acrostic ASL Poem that describes something you do everyday."
Formative Assessment,Projects, and Bell Ringers
Create a 1-10 story about Hercules origins.
ASL Stories
Give students the ability to show their knowledge in a unique way.
Lets Try It!
Wrap Up
We can use ASL stories throughout the curriculum.
We know we should encourage our students to "Master ASL"
Helps students "own" their language.
Preserve Deaf Culture and ASL
Student Comments
"This was so much fun!"

"I wish my other teachers did this."

"Quizzing in ASL is better than English!"
"Create a "Letter ASL Story" that uses the formula SOH CAH TOA."
"Elementary ASL Handshape Story about the Water Cycle."
HS English Teacher at Texas School for the Deaf

(MS) Secondary Education for Deaf and Hard of Hearing: RIT/NTID (2014)
(BS) Professional and Technical Communications: RIT (2012)
ASL Acrostic Name Poem
1-10 Story About My Presentation
1-10 Story: Summarize Romeo and Juliet
Helps students show TRUE knowledge.
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