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United Kingdom

No description

Rutvi Patel

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of United Kingdom

United Kingdom Connections with Canada By: Rutvi, Parson, Simran, Maanveer Land and Physical Descriptions * England, Scotland, and Wales is known as Great Britain
*Make community of The United Kingdom.
* Located in Europe on the northern side of continent
*Canada is in North America on the north side of the world
*The population is (2011 est.) 62,675,000
*The area: 93,851 square mi (243,073 square km)
* In between United Kingdom and France lies the English Channel (a sea) -Simran Mann * The country all surrounded by sea because UK is an island.
* The North Sea is on the east of UK
*Great Britain, England, Northern Ireland and more are all the smaller islands
* The country has lots of mountain ranges and
*the island is shaped like a saucer because of the highlands and the lowlands -Simran Mann Climate * The weather changes frequently
*In UK there is a lot of rain fall up to 200 inches (510cm).
*Peaks can get up to 200 inches of rainfall
*That happens in the southern,and eastern region up to 20 inches (51 cm)
*August, October, and December are the wettest months
*The southern part of UK is way warmer
* The western side is drier than the north.
* In fall - winter, the temperature falls to -4 degrees Celsius to -6 degrees Celsius
*In spring - summer the temperature falls between 12-17 degrees Celsius
*The average is 39-43 degrees Celsius
-Simran Mann Politics,and Government *It is made up of four counties
*Contains Northern Ireland, Wales,
Scotland and England
*The government is a monarchy ruled
by Queen Elizabeth
*Each country is a democracy with its own prime minister and cabinet
*At this point the prime minister of the United Kingdom is David Carmon
*The parliament is located in London
- Maanveer Sahi History *Queen Elizabeth was crowned queen on February6, 1952
*The first queen of England was born on February6, 1665
*Both of the world wars had a big impact on UK
*1.5million people died and lots of industries were destroyed
*During 1950 and 1960 1970 other countries started doing the same but sold their product for a cheaper price.the *United Kingdom started to improve and had more jobs and started making and selling products
*UK has invaded nearly 200 countries
*That is 90 percent of the world. -Maanveer Sahi This is where United Kingdom is
located on the world map The political map of United Kingdom This is a Climate Map of
United Kingdom This is a Political Map of
United Kingdom Economy *UK has received $369 billion dollars from exports
*That is the 7th most largest profit gained, compared to the whole world
*Pounds are converted to Dollars; Pounds is UK’s currency
*exports include:manufactured goods, machinery, fuels, a variety of food products agricultural products, industrial supplies, crude oil , computers, telecommunications equipment, motor vehicle parts, office machines, electric power machinery, automobiles, clothing, medicines, furniture, and toys *The exports come from a handful of countries: Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Norway
*But in imports the United Kingdom has received $465.9 4th compared to the whole world
*The imports including fuels, beverages, tobacco, soybeans, fruit, corn, organic chemicals,transistors, aircraft, motor vehicle parts, computers, telecommunications equipment, automobiles, and medicines
Canada, Mexico, China, Japan Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Norway are just some of the many trading partners of UK. Honestly United Kingdom has not participated in many trade organizations beside the European Union but the United Kingdom has very interesting economy and is a great asset to the entire world, so long live economy! Parson Brar Trade Organizations and Trading Partners Industries *most common ones are mining, manufacturing
and construction
*It provides 1/5 of the labor force of
industrial employment
*Mining supplies are limited
*Some deposits are iron and tin
*UK also mines non-metallic minerals

-Rutvi Patel *(e.x.) sand, gravel, limestone, dolomite,
igneous rock, sandstone, salt, chalk,
kaolin and gypsum
*Construction is mainly tourist
attraction and other necessary buildings Agriculture Fishing *known to be the lead country
to Europe in fishing
*fishing grounds around the British
Isles are the main source
*fishing is done everywhere around the country
*UK is on a long-term decline and supplies only
half of the demand of the country
*Some items that are caugh are : mackerel,
herring, haddock, cod, shellfish, lobster, crab, and oyster along with salmon -Rutvi Patel Resources *largest oil producers in Europe
*also produce large amounts of other
energy sources
*(e.x.) natural gas, coal and
nuclear power
*Oil and natural gas supplies
3/4 of the country’s energy
*Coal is the second most
important -Rutvi Patel Exports and Imports between Canada and United Kingdom
Overall UK has some strong areas in
industries such as mining, manufactures and
construction. Although it also has some
weaknesses, but still produce enough. UK has
many goods that can be exported to Canada
and Canada had many goods that can be imported to UK.
-Rutvi Patel Imports and Exports with Canada The culture in UK is unbelievable, it speaks many languages, there’s amazing traditions that they celebrate and variety of food they eat.
Did you know that in UK half the population speak British-English and Welsh? 1/5 of the population is Welsh. UK is a free country so it’s okay to speak any language or come from any place of the world to UK. The first language is British-English. The second language is Welsh language this language is officially spoken in Wales but it is known as the second language in the United Kingdom.
-Simran Mann Culture: Tradition, Language, Food Traditions
The United Kingdom has many wonderful traditions. People in the UK usually drink tea while eating fish and chips and wearing beautiful clothing that is the most common tradition there in the UK. They have traditions of sports, music and many royal occasions because of Queen Elizabeth. they wear beautiful clothing such as dresses, suits for boys and girl and more clothing. They go to temples/churches when it is a special occasion in their culture. - Simran Mann Culture Foods
People in UK eat very similar foods to Canada. UK popular food in UK is usually beef, pork, lamb, fish, and chicken. The food is usually eaten with potatoes or other types of vegetables. The most popular food in England is Curry. The most common snacks in UK are sandwich, fish and chips, pies. Some of the foods which can be produced throughout the year (staple food) are fish, meat, potatoes, flour, butter, and eggs. They eat remarkably amazing food in the UK. -Simran Mann Culture Did you know that United Kingdom’s tourist attraction is the 6th largest in the world? Did you also know that about half of the profit comes from its tourist attraction which also enhances the profit for construction industry? That is like 3 birds shot for 1 bullet! Well in 1983-2003 foreign visitors were doubled from 12-24 million visitors than before, that means twice the profit. That must be because of the types of tourist attractions. Some are historic sites and amenities like the London Glasgow in Edinburgh. Some are museums, wildlife centers, historic houses, castles, churches, cathedrals, gardens and leisure parks. Some popular sites are: Black pool Pleasure Beach, Brighton Pier, the Eden Project, Lake District, and Hadrian’s Wall. Overall, United Kingdom provides about 6400 major tourist attractions, only major so there must so many other destinations even though they’re not that major. Now you know that even though some other industries don’t give much development, tourism is the true industry that rally enhances the profit as well as economy! -Rutvi Patel Tourism and Travel Sports and recreation
Did you know soccer and cricket were both originated in the United Kingdom? The first soccer organization was funded by the United Kingdom in 1863. The first organized soccer game was played in UK by Scotland and England. Rugby and cricket are also very popular in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has participated in every modern Olympic since 1896. The United Kingdom also hosted 3 Olympics in London (1908, 1948 and 2012). The United Kingdom’s strongest sports are track and field, tennis, rowing, yachting and figure skating. United Kingdom is a very active country. -Maanveer Sahi Sports and Recreation The United Kingdom has a plentiful supply of famous people much too many to count but lets see how far it can possibly get. Starting with the famous people we all know about Queen Elizabeth the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th and all their successful sons and daughters. One band that goes one direction to win yeah! That’s right one direction the band that rocks your world with just one way, not only that but The Beatles a old band that most adults love till the end of their life; John Ainsworth-Davies gold medallist at the1920 Summer Olympics. That is amazing right? There are so many more famous people but the buck stops now. -Parson Brar Famous People Encyclopedias
- “Our World: United Kingdom;” History Reference Center. 2012
-“Sports and Recreation:” Encyclopedia Britannica. School Edition. 2013.
- CIA Library: World Fact Book UK.
http://wblicww.cia.gov/libarypulications/the worldfactbook/ goes/
Bowden, Rob. Destination Detectives: United Kingdom. Chicago: Illinois, Reed Elser.
- Wool, Alex. Focus on the United Kingdom. Milwaukee: World Almanac Library, 2007 Bibliography *only 1% of the GDP
(Gross Domestic Products) is produced,
*mechanization and efficiency is available,
which produces 60% of the food
*Some crops are: wheat, barley, sugar beets,
potatoes and rapeseeds
* livestock and farm animals also live here
* (e.x.) sheep’s, cattle, pigs, and poultry -Rutvi Patel Agriculture acres in England London Glasgow Stone Henge London Bridge
The Beatles
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