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Group 4: Stress (IB Biology HL)

No description

Cris Meminger

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Group 4: Stress (IB Biology HL)

Experiment indicates/regulates whether or not the heart is functioning adequately

method of blood pressure testing involves two forms of measurement: systolic and diastolic Blood Pressure Conclusion Important to monitor BPM & frequently.
Stress affects BMP indirectly.
Stress is a part of our daily life.
A change in lifestyle may have a direct change on how stress affects our health. Blood Pressure Optimal blood pressure: 120/80 mm Hg Health Effects increased heart rate, increased breathing rate, increased blood pressure, muscle tension particularly in the neck and back, and an increase in energy. STRESS How does a person in a calm environment compare to a person under stress in terms of their heart rate? details common practice in patients that have a history of excessively high or low blood pressure
certain activities result in an increase in blood pressure Purpose Determine the effects of a stress-inducing situation upon an individual by measuring the changes in their saliva pH and heart rate. Hypothesis If an individual’s blood pressure is taken before and after a stress-inducing situation, then the second measurement will present a higher value, indicating an increase in blood pressure. Variables Materials Method Control
BPM before
BPM after
Age group Pressure cuff(s)
Digital timer
Camera Questions
Wrong info. How does a person in a calm environment compare to a person under stress in terms of their saliva and their heart rate? 10 year olds 20-30 year olds 60-70 year olds Sr. Pedro Gracinha's answers Importance Stress the natural response of the body to pressures from the environment around us; the physical and emotional responses that stress causes are used by the body to promote survival. has been linked to strokes, heart disease, depression and pain, among other things Insomnia Angry or anxious, brain actively running over events and feelings preventing it from dropping off to sleep. Diagnosis & Treatment Disability, a poor quality of life, fatal heart attack, damaging of arteries.
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