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Revolutionized Australia

No description

Sarah Stone

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of Revolutionized Australia

Career - Parliament
What he Promoted
Advantages of federation
Revolutionized Australia
Politician and journalist
Fought to improve conditions and the people's way of life
Most well-known for the Federation of Australia in 1901
Sir Henry Parkes
Born - 27th May, 1815 (England

Died - 27th April, 1896 (Sydney)

Occupation - Journalist
Henry Parkes

Sir Henry Parkes...
Belief that the people of a country belong and work together are are different from other countries
Believe 3 key points:
- Human race consists of nations naturally
- Nations can be known by features that distinguish them from different places
- Only rightful form of government is self-determination
Member of NSW Parliament 38 years
Tried to:
- stop convict transportation from
- Reform civil service
- Prohibit Chinese immigration
- Work on Public Works and
Railway Acts
- Supported introduction of a
responsible government (Martin,
Popularised federation by giving speeches at several different occasions.
Nationalism - showed support and interest in related issues
Federation - wanted to make the country stronger and wanted Australia and its values to be recognised as valuable
Central government with the ability to make immigration laws and control postal and rail services for more convenience
The colony's defense forces would combine - A single defense force would mean more efficient and effective security of the country
Celebrating Sir Henry Parkes
Remembered as 'Father of Federation

In 2001, Australia's Centenary of Federation was celebrated with a special feature $5 note (Red Apple Education Ltd, 2013)
100 years after death (1996) 1 dollar coin put into circulation in rememberance
Sir Henry Parkes had many goals he wanted to achieve in order to make Australia better

The implementing of strategies meant the idea of federation in Australia was very popular before a Constitution was written

Promoted nationalism by making Australia a country worthy of recognition and consideration

Millions of people today celebrate Sir Henry Parkes for the things he accomplished as a politician.
Letter from Sir Henry Parkes specifyng time of assembly for a Convention
Communicated to colonists the advantages that federation would bring the country and the people
Organised conventions and conferences at which first draft of Australian Constitution was written (Red Apple Education Ltd, 2013)
Responsible for the movement of federation
0:00- 1:56

Credits go to Lee Smith
A statue of Sir Henry Parkes now stands in Centennial Park, to celebrate Australia's federation

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Thankyou for listening
: )
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