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The Book of Negroes Theme Analysis

No description

Kayla Skilling

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of The Book of Negroes Theme Analysis

The Book of Negroes
Theme Analysis Completed by Kayla Skilling
and Hillary Vivian Aminata's Relationship with Her Children Aminata's relationships with her children were very different.
Her relationship with Mamadu was too short, and she wasn't able to raise him.
When May was born, she was able to see her grow from a new born to a toddler.
May and Aminata had a very strong relationship.
Aminata gave May the love and attention she received as a child. Theme: Parent and
Child Relationships The significance of her loses Losing May was the most significant loss.
Everything Aminata did, she incorporated May into it. Aminata was able to watch May grow, unlike Mamadu.
She knew her daughter's personality, and likely had a better insight/visual of how May reacted to being taken away. Sacrifices that Aminata makes for each of her children. Aminata risked a greater punishment from Appleby when she became pregnant with Mamadu.
This was a chance Aminata made for the life of her child, and to start a life with Chekura. Why a Mother's Bond is so Distinct. There is an instant connection that develops from the time a mother carries her baby for 9 months, to after giving birth.
A mother is always there for her children. Mothers are generally more compassionate. Children feel a strong attachment to this. Aminata gave birth to May on her own, risking her health. Aminata left May with the Witherspoons, and went back to her hut alone. She put May's safety before hers. Overcoming the Loss of a Child Overcoming the loss of a child would be extremely difficult.
When you lose your child, you practically lose a part of yourself.
The feelings of losing a child would be overwhelming. Why the loss of a child is so traumatic
and and psychologically damaging. Parents feel responsible and accountable for anything that happens to their child.
You feel a deep connection and understanding of who that person is, and couldn't imagine life without them.
Parents encounter an overwhelming amount of feelings. Our feelings towards May's return at the end. We believe that when May returned it was great closure to the novel and Aminata's life.
We felt a lot of happiness when May returned because Aminata always dreamed of finding her daughter.
Aminata was able to pass away in peace. The impact of May's arrival on Aminata, May and their relationship. Aminata finally found her daughter, and felt like it was the end to her story.
When May found her mother she felt at ease, and accomplished her greatest mission.
Their relationship only became stronger and they enjoyed every moment together. We hope that we furthered your knowledge, and you enjoyed our presentation! "I wanted to be sure that it was safe to take May back to Birchtown, and thought it would be best if I first went there alone" (Hill 477). "I loved every inch of my daughter and worshiped every beat of her heart... I fed her, clothed her, taught her to read before her third birthday and took her everywhere I went" (Hill 471). "The rain did not bother me. What were a few hours of standing in line? Mama, I have been waiting for years" (Hill 649). "I long to hold my own children, and their children if they exist, and I miss them the way I'd miss my limbs from my own body." (Hill 5).
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