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The death of the 3 books

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Transcript of The death of the 3 books

The death of the 3 books
By: Cato Palmer
IOBA - The Vietnam War
Vietnam War killed approximately 1,353,000 people
Ha's Father got captured as a POW
He later died
This is all from the war and people's pride
TKaM - Racist Case
The case was for many whites against one African American
Although it was completely out of racism, the whites won
A few days later, the african american, Tom Robinson, was shot and killed, trying to escape
Unbroken - World War 2
Hundreds of planes went missing
World War 2 killed between 50 million to 80 million people
In Louie's flight crew, only 3 survived the crash, and one died on the raft
Several Japanese POW camps carried out the "kill-all" order, killing millions of POWs.
Death Today - War With ISIS
In Syria, our war with ISIS has killed more than 460,000 people
All throughout the world, crimes our committed and end up with someone dying
Terrorist attacks add up to killing thousands of people
What We Can Do About It - Following the Rules
Laws do say you cannot kill people
Following this rule worldwide would lead to saving more than 530,000 people every year
It would allow people to live the life they want without relatives dead all around
We can fix this by going around and urging others to follow these laws
Will you save a life?
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