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Effective Curriculum Implementation Strategies

Action research presentation

Shauntel Cooley

on 12 April 2010

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Transcript of Effective Curriculum Implementation Strategies

Effective Curriculum Implementation Strategies
An Action Research Project
Conducted by Alice Prets and Shauntel Cooley
Research Site

Greta Oppe Elementary School is an urban school on the west end of Galveston Island, Texas. The student population is approximately 650 students in grades Pre-K through 4th. The ethnic demographics of the school are as follows: 36% Caucasian, 55% Hispanic, 5% African-American, and 4% Asian. The study focused on Kindergarten through 4th grades. Teachers in these grade levels were using a new curriculum in the subjects of Math, Science and Social Studies. The curriculum was adopted by Galveston ISD during the summer of 2009 and this study was conducted from August 2009 through March 2010.
A new curriculum was adopted over the summer of 2009. Although some training was provided during the summer, not all teachers participated and the beginning of the year was a difficult time for teachers. The new curriculum is at a higher rate of rigor and at a faster pace with more spiral reviews. The switch from using a curriculum based on textbooks and a loose pacing calendar to the new curriculum, which is web-based and not tied to any specific texts, was a deep shift. Our problem was that we wanted to increase effective implementation.
1. Take survey.
2. Collect data.
This was preparation for this.
1. Share data.
2. Share effective strategies.
3. Send Unit Assessments home.
1. Share data.
2. Share effective strategies.
3. Send Unit Assessments home.
Lesson Plan Changes
Attendance Changes
Changes in Number of Unit Assessments Given
Average Percent Passing
Discussion points

2nd grade made best overall improvements
March is test heavy (may explain some trends in 3rd and 4th grades)
Oppe is rated Exemplary by TEA (may explain focus on TAKS tested subjects)
Work to be done in area of Social Studies.
Action plan to include continued monitoring and sharing and support for teachers.
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