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How do I plan for fitness

No description

Rhys Vance

on 17 September 2017

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Transcript of How do I plan for fitness

How do I plan for fitness improvement?
Australian Physical activity guidelines
Physical Activity Guidelines:

For health benefits, young people aged 13-17 years should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity every day.

Young peoples’ physical activity should include a variety of aerobic activities, including some vigorous intensity activity.

On at least three days per week, young people should engage in activities that strengthen muscle and bone.

To achieve additional health benefits, young people should engage in more activity – up to several hours per day.
The FITT Principle
The FITT principle is actually a set of four guiding principles that are necessary to apply in order to use an exercise program to gain a ‘training effect’. The purpose of its design is to develop fitness programs for elite athletes or people who simply want to improve their fitness level. Although it is mainly aimed at development of aerobic fitness, it can also be used in strength, flexibility and anaerobic training.
Can we predict the future of fitness?
Relates to the length of time a person exercises for. If the aim is to develop aerobic fitness, the recommended minimum time for the heart rate to be elevated is 20 minutes.
Relates to the form of activity a person does. If the aim is to develop aerobic fitness, the person engages in activities in which large muscle groups are used and where the heart rate is elevated.
But first,
Today we will look at:
Developing physical fitness
FITT principle
Designing training programs

What are the current trends in fitness?
It is important to develop a routine where training is scheduled for a part of the day which best suits the individual and is least likely to be impacted by work and family commitments.
Before beginning to design a fitness program, carefully consider the following points:
Why do you want to start a fitness program?
Complete a pre-exercise questionnaire.
The program must suit your needs and available time.
Attainable, realistic goals must be set.
Select the appropriate place to train considering location, weather and cost.
Enjoy your exercising experience – if you become bored and lose motivation you will probably stop.
Wherever possible, exercise with friends or in a group.
Start at a level of exercise that you can cope with.
Keep a diary of your progress.
Progress gradually, but regularly set new benchmarks.
Include variety in your program to keep you motivated.
Relates to the number of times a person exercises over a specific period of time.
Relates to the level of effort a person uses while exercising. If the aim is to develop aerobic fitness, the person’s heart rate is used to measure intensity. The recommended level for people to work at is between 65 and 80 percent of their maximum heart rate.
Must target at least two components of health.
Demonstrate how you would measure success.
Must be over a 3 week cycle
Must be realistic
Try to target a sport or activity you enjoy!
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