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Youth Council 2016/2017

No description

Charlotte Locke

on 25 May 2017

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Transcript of Youth Council 2016/2017

Youth Council 2016/2017
Banff Avenue Community House
Banff Avenue Community House Youth Council
Summer 2016
Last Summer the Youth Council planned a variety of activities and events, including:
A bake sale
A trip to Parliament Hill
A trip to Lusk Caves
Their BIG Summer Project was the Basement Renovation for the Youth Room
September - December 2016
Youth Council members were chosen and the members voted Ayak Akeg in as president for the 2016/2017 year
Held a bake sale at the Jim Durrell Arena to raise money for the community house
Cooked for the women in Dinner & Chat

Our Youth Council is made up of youth from the Banff-Ledbury neighbourhood who meet weekly to plan and implement activities, fundraisers and events to help better the community.
Toured the Parliament buildings
Participated in a Youth Summit with our City Councillor
Ran a March Break carnival for the children in the community
Participated in our annual Volunteer Appreciation Night

January-May 2017

Summer 2017 Goals:

Paint It Up! Mural Project
Recruit new members for youth programs
Run a Summer Fun Day for the children in the community.
Hold a car wash to raise money for the community house
Organize a community basketball tournament
President - Ayak Akeg
Vice President - Benazir Tom
Secretary - Albasse Babour
Art Director - Arek Akeg & Guenyey Tom
Social Media Team - Frantz Paul,
Sean Marseilles & Mylow Norton

Last Summer the Youth Council completely redesigned and redecorated the youth room in the basement of the community house and applied to the Ottawa Community Housing development team for funding.
The Youth Council chose the paint colours, picked out and put together a new couch, table and chairs and painted the cupboards and stairs.
The youth were also able to receive bean bags for extra seating and have a new floor put in.
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