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ChemQuiz 2010

Neurochemistry: Unfolding the Complexity of Human Behavior

Rowell Abogado

on 20 March 2010

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Transcript of ChemQuiz 2010

Chem Quiz 2010 "Neurochemistry: Unfolding the Complexity of Human Behavior " brought to you by the UPLB Chemical Society RULES AND MECHANICS All bonafide undergraduate students of the University are qualified to join. Eligibility Rules Contestants should form a team that will represent them in the quiz proper. Each team should consist of three to five members, with three main players and the rest serving as alternates.
The Quiz Proper The quiz proper will consist of three rounds: the Brain Freeze, the Brain Buster, and the Nerve-Wracking Round. Ten questions will be asked in each of the Brain Freeze and Brain Buster rounds and the point system will be as follows: BRAIN FREEZE BRAIN BUSTER Correct Answer Wrong Answer No Answer 5 10 0 0 0 0 Scores shall be on cumulative basis. The top five teams that will garner the highest scores after the Brain Buster Round shall immediately join the Nerve-wracking Round. All questions will be read twice. After the first reading, each team will be provided with a copy of the question. Right after the alloted time has elapsed, the team should have submitted their answers to their respective proctors. Otherwise, the team shall acquire zero points. A knockout system will be adopted in case of ties. The first team to answer correctly will be declared as winner. Correct Answer Any question or protest shall be entertained only before the succeeding question is asked. The board of judges shall resolve any matters regarding the questions. The board's decisions are final and will not be subjected to appeal. Substitution of team members will only be allowed after each round. Any team caught cheating will be automatically disqualified from the contest. Encircle your final answer on the answer sheet provided. Nerve-wracking Round In these round, any team besides those that qualify as the Top Five may choose to participate and win consolation prizes. The mechanics for the Nerve-Wracking Round are as follows: The scores of the Top Five teams will not be carried over to this round. Each team will therefore go back to an initial score of zero. The team with the highest points from the previous rounds shall be the first to choose the category and the question number that they wiill be answering. The team who gives the correct answer will choose the next category and question number. The Top Five teams shall be given a chance to choose a question from the categories flashed on the screen, these being: Organic Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
General Chemistry In each category, there will be one Mad Cow question whose corresponding points will be doubled if answered correctly. All questions will be read twice. After the first reading, the each team will be provided with a copy of the question. However, the team may opt to answer the question even before the question is read twice. The Top Five teams will be provided with buzzers and the first to avtivate their buzzer will have the chance to answer the question. The team should wait for the quizmasters to recognize them before answering the question. If the team answered the question before the quizmasters recognize them, their answer will not be accepted even if it is correct. Once a team has been recognized by the quizmasters, they are given five seconds to give their answer. Only one team can steal the points if the question was not answered correctly, provided that there is still available time for them to activate their buzzer. Twenty-five questions will be displayed on the screen, but only a maximum of twenty questions will be chosen and answered by the participating teams. For the other teams that did not qualify as Top Five: These teams will not partake in the choosing of questions (this privilege is for the top five teams alone). However, they are allowed to answer all the questions flashed on the screen. The procedure for answering the questions will be similar to that of the previous rounds, except that all answers will be passed to the respective TKBs once the buzzer has been pressed by one of the Top Five teams. In other words, the time alloted for the extra teams to answer the questions in this round will be based on a Top Five team that presses the buzzer first regardless of whether or not the answer given by the Top Five team is correct. For problems concerning temperatures, use 273.15 in converting degree Celcius to Kelvin. The game ends and the scores will be tallied after presenting the twenty questions. In case of ties, a sudden death or a tie breaker question shall be asked. Trophies, medals, and certificates will be awarded to the First, Second and Third place winners. The Fourth and Fifth placers will have consolation prizes as well. The top scorer for the non-Top Five teams will also receive consolation prizes. The perpetual trophy will also be awarded to the First placer. This roving trophy will be awarded permanently to the winning team who defends the title for the succeeding year. NOTES Misspelled answers will be considered wrong. All answers involving calculations should include the appropriate units as well as the specified number of significant figures or decimal places. Avoid rounding-off of intermediate solutions leading to the final answer. Correct Answer
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