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Battle of the Bulge Essay Presentation

Battle of the Bulge

Alex W

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Battle of the Bulge Essay Presentation

Battle of Bulge Cause Effects the was an decisive
battle in World War 2 Hitler desperately needed to push the Westerns Allies back into the English channel, or he will NOT be strong enough to stop the Russian advance in the east. By early 1944, Nazi Germany was losing ground on both the Eastern and Western fronts and he planned to do it Here The battle depleted the last of the reserves of German man power and war materials in the West. It is now only a matter of time until the destruction of the 3rd Reich Hitler now could now do little to stop the Western Allies or the Red Army. Hitler planned to attack the Western Allies through the Ardenne Forest in Belgium. The Plan The result would be a severe shortage of supplies that will paralyze Allied armies in the area, possibly giving Germany the oppurtunity to negotiate a peace treaty. The offensive was divided into three parts. The Battle The German attack was furocious and a complete suprise to the Allies! Under the cover of bad weather, the Germans advanced quickly during the first week of the attack, but... On the 23th of December, the weather cleared the Allied aircrafts began bombing the German supply lines, immediately slowing the Panzers to a halt in the next day. On January the 3rd, the Allies launched a counter attack, trying to cut the Germans off. but thanks to the reluclant British General Montgomery, the attack was late and the Germans were able to retreat. On the 16th of December, the Germans launched the offensive. Result The battle severely damaged the German military on the Western Front. The shattered remains of German units retreated to the Westwall for a last desperate defence. By Alex Wang It made the outcome of World War Two inevitable.

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