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Copy of IB Design Cycle


Suzanne Jarrell

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of IB Design Cycle

by Dr. J
IB Design Cycle
The first step of the Design Cycle.

Identify the problem. Decide what you want to do. Create goals for the final product. Ask questions that are to be answered throughout the process.

Do some research and get some background on the
topic. Understand the thing you are trying to do or create.
The second step of the Design Cycle

Once a goal is in mind, create a plan to help
accomplish it. Design the product. Create steps.
List everything that needs to be done in order to
reach the final goal.

Then, execute the plan.
Follow the plan correctly. Create the product. Do the necessary things needed to
accomplish the goal.

Once the final product is made, begin the evaluation.
The final step for the Design Cycle.

Study the product. Make sure the plan was followed correctly. Be sure that all of the goals were met and all of the questions are answered.

Make a list of things for improvement.
Restart to improve, or end the Design Cycle and
accept the final product.
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