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Effective Engagement [Shared]

No description

Prezitime Design

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Effective Engagement [Shared]

Effective Engagement
Fall short of the mark
Where To
From Here
Content Mediums like...
Common Theme in Business Approach
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
What can you be doing right...
Your Action Points
Define Outcome
Build Conversion Model
Design Content
Medium 'Plugins'

Construct Engagement/Marketing Plan

Measure Your Success
Where to
Learn More
Daniel Lewis



Knowing Your Outcome
Building Your Conversion Model
Content Medium
Building Your Engagement
Marketing Plan
Analysing Your Success
Attract | Collect | Convert | Deliver
Before they get here, they must...’
Importance of education
Applying this technique is as easy as asking
Mikey's Mechanic Example
Medium name
Medium structure
Offering Types
Target Outcome/
This session does not cover story creation
Outcome: Regular Service Package
Target Audience: Local - Young Families/Mums with primary school aged children.
Story: “Never Leave Your Child Stranded”
Offer: Free Safety/Road Worthy Check
Content Medium Plugins: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Pamphlet, Local News
Collection Medium: Landing Page and Phone Number, to collect basic contact information to schedule Free Safety/Road Worthy Check
Forming the plan
Facebook: 16 posts, one put out every Tuesday and Thursday @ 2:30PM, for 8 weeks. Additional budgeting allowance can be assigned to ‘Boost’ Posts
Twitter: 16 posts, one put out every Wednesday and Friday @ 3PM, for 8 weeks. Aligned with Pinterest images.
YouTube: 4 videos, put out every second Wednesday @9AM. Aligned with Local news stories.
Pinterest: 16 posts, one put out every Wednesday and Friday @ 3PM, for 8 weeks. Aligned with Twitter.
Pamphlets: 2 Pamphlets, for local schools and child care facilities as part of
Local News: 4 stories, put out to closely align with YouTube videos.
Systemisation and Automation
Define Your
OUTCOME: Customers raving about “How GREAT their regular service plan is” to friends and family.

Before they can rave about how great Mikey’s Mechanics are, they need to have;

25 Enjoyed the security that comes from regular servicing
24 Exceeded their excellent service expectations (steps 10 to 20)
23 Signed up for their regular servicing package
22 Been educated (up-sold) by front of house around the benefits of
regular servicing
21 Attended their second service - providing them a repeat
performance of our outstanding service provided in steps 10
to 20, and what will occur at every regular service
20 Notification/education call for their next service (occurs three
days before scheduled service)
19 Received education material on next service points - what is
going to happen and why (occurs two weeks from schedule
18 Received ongoing training material – e.g. “Maintaining your
car between services” (occurs six weeks after/before
scheduled servicing)
17 Follow up call regarding their scheduled service, and their
experience of that “smooth car” feeling (occurs two weeks
after scheduled service)
16 Notification/education on what occurred at last service, and
the “Did you notice” concept - this should include questions
or concepts that pre-empt questions that will appear in the
phone call, step 17 (occurs three days after scheduled
15 Drove off with a smile after an exemplary service
14 Returned courtesy car keys and picked up their car keys –
received a rundown of the service
13 Received progressive notifications around the service of
their car
12 Dropped car off and picked up courtesy car
11 Reminder/notification/education call around their first
service, outlaying what to expect and timings (occurs three
days before scheduled service)
10 Received education material – “Safety check follow up &
why current servicing models are hurting your car” (occurs
one week from scheduled service)
9 Booked first scheduled service at the Safety and Qualification
8 Went through the Safety and Qualification Check with the
7 Completed the pre-survey while waiting for the Safety and
Qualification Check
6 Came to free Safety and Qualification Check
5 Received confirmation call for the Safety and Qualification Check
(occurs three days before Safety and Qualification Check)
4 Received email notification confirming Safety and Qualification
Check date, time, location, etc. (occurs within 2 hours after
booking made)
3 Follow up call to make Safety and Qualification Check booking
(occurs within 2 business hours of entering details on collection
medium [landing page, etc.])
2 Confirmation email that their information was received and
educating them on what will happen from here, e.g. they will
receive a call in the next 2 business hours to make their free
Safety and Qualification Check
1 Completed form on the landing page
To Infinity
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