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Thuy Linh Duong

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of COLOMBIA

Mark Flood & Linh Duong
Capital :
Population : 48,654,392
Population density : 114 people per mi²
third largest Latin-American country after Brazil and Mexico in terms of population
Location : Northwestern corner of South America
Wealth distribution : 27.8% live below poverty line, 7.9% extreme poverty
Median age : Males 29 and females 28
16th century: start of exports
colonialism: small domestic economic growth (mining, agriculture, cattle raising)
late 19th century development of tobacco and coffee export industries → population expansion + growth of cities followed by 1899-1902 coffee boom
1905-15 most significant growth - expansion of exports and government revenues + overall rise in GDP

Brief history of the Colombian history
Brief history of the Colombian economy
great depression 1929: coffee output expands but prices collapsed
Incomes remained uneven: Wages for agricultural laborers remained low, whereas other workers (urban employees) received large salary increases
improved transportation facilities, financed directly and indirectly by the coffee industry → →national development
combination of domestic economic achievements in the 1970s and generous foreign aid helped Colombia out of the global recession, especially in comparison with other Latin American states
Colombia today
Most important companies
Sector: Oil and gas
Profits: 36.5 Billion $US
# of employees: 6744
Sector: Financial Services
Profits: 4.6 Billion $US
# of employees: 16715
Sector: Food processing
Profits: 2.4 Billion $US
# of employees: 9926
How innovative is Colombia?
comparison to Brazil and Mexico
How innovative is Colombia?
comparison to Brazil and Mexico
Colombias innovative future
tax incentives for scientific, technological and innovation development

recent announcement to rise R&D spending to 1% of the GDP
goal until 2025: become one of the top science, technology and innovation countries
Thank you!
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