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On the Banks of Plum Creek

No description

Laura Cody

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of On the Banks of Plum Creek

On the Banks of Plum Creek
by, Laura Ingalls Wilder
Laura Ingalls
A 7 year old girl who loves animals and the outdoors. She is very curious about nature and what it contains.
Mary ingalls
Laura's older sister. Who is responsible and very well behaved.
Carrie Ingalls
Laura's little sister. Who is still to young to play outdoors by herself. But she can walk and talk and play indoors by herself.
Charles Ingalls (Pa)
Laura, Mary and Carrie's father.
who grows crops and manages the Ingalls' land.
Caroline Ingalls (Ma)
LaURA'S Mother. Who is kind and modest. She does most of the housework on a daily basis.
What the Ingall's house looked like
The Ingalls kept their animals in a stable.
Charles Ingalls decides it's best to move his family from Indian territory in Kansas to Minnesota. He packs up and takes his wife, Caroline and his daughters Mary, Laura and Carrie to Minnesota. He also brings along the family horses and Jack the bulldog. In Minnesota pa buys acres of land and a small house built into a bank next to plum creek. Pa also trades his horses for to oxen to farm the land.
Life is good. Laura and Mary help around the house and help watch over Carrie. Laura enjoys playing outdoors whether it's on the prairie or in the creek. Mary would rather play inside the house with her sewing and reading. Carrie is still to young to play outdoors by herself so she stays inside with ma and Mary. Pa builds a stable for the oxen and the family cow to live in. One day a dark cloud fills the sky. billions of grasshopper cover the land, and they're hungry. They eat the prairie grass, they eat the leaves on the trees. They even eat the ingalls' wheat crop. the disgusting bugs scare and disgust Laura, Mary and Carrie. Pa leaves the family to travel to a temporary workplace, because the wheat was destroyed so he needed money. He returns in a few weeks.
For Christmas all Laura wants are horses, and that's exactly what she gets. In the two oxens' places there are two horses. Laura and Mary love the horses. in the spring, Pa decides to build a new house so the family can move from the bank house to a new, sturdier home. Mary and Laura love the new house because it is big and they get their own room. then Ma decides the older girls should go to school. Mary likes the idea of school, but Laura does not. She enjoys spending the days playing in the creek, prancing through the prairie and caring for the horses and Jack the bulldog. the girls attend school and Laura makes new friends and an enemy. the family also begins attending Church.
That next winter is extremely cold with many blizzards. Some blizzards last over three days. In between one of the blizzards Pa decides he needs to go to town. The night after he leaves there is another blizzard. This one is very violent. Pa doesn't return that night. Ma assures the girls he is only staying in town a night or two. After two nights pa still hasn't returned and Ma and the girls begin to worry. After four nights he still hasn't returned. Laura wonders what happened to Pa, and if he will ever return.
The ingalls had many animals during their time living at plum creek.
This book is both joyful and heartbreaking.
-Penny Thoughtful
I can't believe how good this was!
-Matt Hetling
You'll enjoy getting to know more about Laura, her family, and her life in Minnesota
- Lauren McClure
Laura Ingalls wilder
For girls or boys ages 9-adults. For people who enjoy reading and learning about settlers.
Grasshoppers covered the prairie and desroyed the Ingalls' wheat crop.
When Mary and Laura went to school they printed their letters on a slate with chalk.
Pa grew wheat to earn profit for the family.
Real ingalls family
Actor portrayed ingalls family
The end
Prezi made by, Lauren McClure
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