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Holes: The Musical

No description

sam scott

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Holes: The Musical

Holes: The Musical
Why would Holes work as a musical?
Holes' simple style allows us to be able to make a compelling musical out of an extrordanary movie.
What would the set look like?
The set explained
The stage is a large platform with 5 holes where the characters will be digging. The holes will have a wood cover over them with finger holes to lift up with ease.
Boy campers: worn out, dirty orange jumpsuits, each worn differntly,
example: one with hat, jumpsuit tiedaround waist.
Mr.Sir: classic cowboy hat, flannel/dirty white tanktop, standard Levi's and a exsesively large belt buckle.
Costuming (continued)
Doctor Pendanski: Short sleeved shirt tucked into blue faded jean shorts, paired with calf length white socks and hiking boots. We cant
forget the sun hat.
Warden: Jean on jean everything, a Cowgirl look. highwaisted mom jeeans. loose fitted, and baggy. light blue color shirts.
Sigourney Weaver - Warden Walker Louise
Shia Lebouf - Dr. Pendanski
Jesse Eisenburg - Stanley Yelnats
Tyler J WIlliams - Zero
Paul Dano - Squid
Denny Mcbride - Mr. Sir
Block scene
We decided to block the scene where Zero runs away from the camp, because this is the climax. We are going to have the stage set up with the holes in place, and the scene will start with Mr. Sir coming back for his seeds. All of the boys in the scene will have shovels.
Who will sponsor us?
Because of the use of shovels and seeds, we have Home Depot and Spitz sponsoring us. The actors will only be using Home Depot shovels and Spitz seeds.
Where will debut the be?
The debut will be in the Pantages theater during the summer of 2016. Summer in LA is hot and this will set the mood for the musical.
Estimated cost of show
The running cost of the show would be $100,000 per night. This cost was determined from the average running cost of shows and the amount fo props we will need.
John Wiliams
Williams has won five Academy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, seven British Academy Film Awards and 22 Grammy Awards.
Williams has 49 nominations and he second most-nominated person, after Walt Disney.
Movie Scoring
Star Wars 1-7
Jurassic Park 1-4
Indiana Jones 1-4
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