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Why is Pluto Not Classified As A Planet Now After Years Of Calling It One

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gopi santhan

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Why is Pluto Not Classified As A Planet Now After Years Of Calling It One

Why is Pluto not Classified as a Planet after Years of Calling it One ? what is a TNO ? how dose the sun look from Pluto? Why is it important to space? Introduction where is Pluto located in the solar system A TNO stands for Trans Neptune object so it is a doff planet. so it all orbit neptune. From Pluto the sun is blue light blue. the reason why it is blue is because it is so far away from the sun that the sun looks blue from pluto. also it looks blue because it is so far away from thee sun. In this presentation I'm going to talk about why Pluto not classified as a planet now after years of calling it one. I chose this topic because I wanted to see if Pluto could have life. Also because it's a dwarf planet. I wanted to learn what a dwarf planet was. Also, I am interested in this topic because Pluto is a weird planet. Also it is strange how the NASA said it was a planet but now they say now it is not a planet. This is important to space because if Scientists go to Pluto they would not know that its a dwarf planet and they might get lost. This is important to space because Pluto is like a moon so imagine it collided with another planet perhaps Earth, the reason it could go out of orbit is because it is like a round asteroid so it might leave its orbit and Rom around the solar system and it might crash. Also if Pluto loses its orbit it might come to Earth and make another moon. Pluto is located at the end of the solar system. so it is 4.67 billion miles away from Earth so that is 7.5 billion kilometers away from the sun. So it is the last planet that lies in the corners of the solar system. 3 what is a doff planet ? A doff planet is a planet is like a minor planet but it is not. it is a celestial body what a celestial are like moons. here are all the doff planets in our solar system. Pluto, Ceres, Makemake, Hemua Pluto pictures by: Gopi.Santhan
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