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Johann Pestalozzi: How Gertrude Teaches Her Children

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on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Johann Pestalozzi: How Gertrude Teaches Her Children

Content: Style
14 letters to a friend constitutes
Free expression
Content: Life
Worked in the fields, factory and farm
Father died at a young age
Family indebted to Maidservants sacrifice
Mother and Maidservant instilled morality

Content: Tried and True
Johann Pestalozzi: How Gertrude Teaches Her Children
"I saw popular instruction like a bottomless swamp before my eyes; and waded round and round, with difficulty in its mire, until at last I learned to know the source of its waters, the causes of its obstructions, and the places from which there might be a possibility of diverting its foul waters.” -Pestalozzi
End of page 15 and half of page 16 from the book "How Gertrude teaches her children"
Johann Pestallozi Presentation Overview
Book written in the form of 14 letters.
Written to Gessner a Book Binder
Written in 1801
Letters 1-3 explain up to the present situation
Letters 4-11 Pedagogue and Theory
12-13 Physical Ed. & Moral/Religious Ed.
Content: Philosophy
Impoverished area
Run down school house
Insurmountable difficulties
80 Students/different ages
Multiple roles
Fear of failure
"In rainy weather toadstools grow fast on every dung heap; and in the same way definitions, not founded on sense-impression, produce, just as quickly, a fungus-like wisdom, which dies just as quickly in the sunlight, and which looks upon the clear-skies as poison to it"

"Deep dissatisfaction devoured me now ; things eternally true and right seemed to me, in my condition mere castles in the air."
Believes his method was only able to fully develop under the pressure and doubt of the public.
Head, heart and hand
Mother gave life to his morals in teaching
Religious influence
"The whole spirit of my method is not only to renew the bond between mother and child, with the disappearance of its physical cause, but to put a methodical series of means, that is an Art, into her hand by which she can give permanence to this relation between her heart and her child, until the sense-methods of making virtue easy, united with the sense-methods of acquiring knowledge, may be able, by exercise, to ripen the independence of the child, in all that concerns right and duty." -Pestalozzi

"Just as I was sensible of this fidelity throughout my life, just as it influenced me with a real
life-giving satisfaction from early morn to latest eve, just as I felt cared for by her every hour while I was growing, so the people in the good old days were ever sensible of the fidelity of their noble forefathers, during the whole of their lives it influenced them with a life-giving satisfaction, and they felt they were cared for." -Pestalozzi

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