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Copy of Greek Mythology: Hestia

No description

Gwen Curso

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Greek Mythology: Hestia

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Goddess of the hearth (fireplace) and home
Most peaceful of the 12 Olympian Gods
Family Tree
Maiden Goddess-pursued by Poseidon and Apollo but declined
Who is Hestia?
Mother: Rhea
Father: Kronos
Brothers: Pluto, Poseidon, Zeus
Sisters: Hera, Demeter
The Family of Hestia
The Myth
Hestia was swallowed by her father
Poseidon, Pluto, Hera, Demeter were with her
Zeus forced father to regurgitate her
Not many myths because of devotion to duty
And What It Means
Hestia in Culture Today
Hestia was the FIRST swallowed and the LAST regurgitated
Both the FIRST born and the LAST born
Whenever there is a sacrifice or a feast, first and last offerings go to Hestia
Hestia: Goddess of Hearth and Home
There is a character in Harry Potter named Hestia Jones
Hestia Community Develoment
Hestia Fire [Alarms]
Hestia Heating
Jennifer Garner
Hestia's Role in Greek Mythology
Dionysus and the 12 Olympian Gods
Handled all sacrifices
No dedicated temple, but worshiped in all temples
Prytaneum and the sacred fire at Delphi
Represents domesticated life for Greek
Hospitality aspect
Allie Guidish
Phillip Zhou
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