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What do we do in Chinese class this year?


Chia-Chia Wang

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of What do we do in Chinese class this year?

What do we do in Chinese class this year?
Chia-Chia Wang
王老師 Wáng laoshī
about me...
Native Mandarin Chinese speaker from Taiwan

Worked as a journalist and editor at newspaper and radio broadcasting in Taipei, Taiwan.

Received M.A. in Information and Learning Technologies, University of Colorado - Denver.
Taught Mandarin Chinese since 2005, specialized in teaching young learners since 2007.

Finished course works for WA teaching credential.

Received extended professional training in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL).

Been an active member of local and national FL teacher associations. Presenter of CLTA-WA workshops.
Promotes a safe and relaxed learning environment

Is friendly and approachable

Helps students to stay motivated

Encourages students to become independent learners

Implements research based language teaching pedagogy and learning strategies

Asserts that we are all interconnected, so is learning
my teaching philosophy…
中文課 Course Overview
中文課 Course Objectives
Develop a solid foundation for all four language skills and culture awareness

Acquire language skills through communicative interaction in a meaningful context that is relevant to them such as teen subculture

Learn Chinese culture, geography and history through celebrating Chinese festivals

Experience Chinese fine arts and folk arts – calligraphy writing, festival decoration and field trip

Dine in authentic Chinese restaurants in the area.
Grade 6/Chinese I
Master Pin-yin, the Romanized pronunciation and tonal system

Read and write both traditional and simplified Chinese characters

Learn to read about 180-200 characters and write about 80-100 characters

Learn Chinese customs and rich culture
Grade 7/Chinese II
Story driven curriculum provides rich context for students

Enhance listening comprehension

Speak with clear and correct tones

Expand vocabulary and develop literacy, reading short stories and scripts

Engage in writing simple journals and short stories

Learn Chinese input on computer
Grade 8/Chinese III
Continue story driven curriculum, add drama to allow students to express creatively

Create personal Chinese language {online} portfolio

Enhance listening comprehension through watching videos and movies

Deepen the language immersion in class to develop higher level of speaking proficiency

Read short stories and selected online information

Engage in writing weekly journals, blogging and email communication

Expand knowledge of Chinese culture, geography and ethnic groups
Assignment instruction is given in class and posted on SWIFT. Most of handouts are downloadable on SWIFT. http://msteachers.fasps.org/ms/cgradechinese/homework

Students are responsible for checking email Monday through Friday (and occasionally weekend)

Web-based language learning tools and resources including voice recording, videos, flash cards (and Chinese language apps if mobile learning device is available at home)

Useful web links posted on both SWIFT and Scoop.it http://www.scoop.it/t/chinese-language-learning-tools-beginners

Share projects and learning materials on cloud such as Dropbox and Google doc https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public https://drive.google.com/#folders/0B0RH-Up8DJXDNzhqTXYtR1J2Rlk
Use of Educational Technology
Standard-based, story driven , and culturally rich lessons developed by myself

"Far East Chinese for youth", level 1-3, textbook, workbook, CD, and CD-ROM

IQChinese Go 100-300, a software to assist in practicing pinyin, reading and Chinese input

Authentic Chinese materials from internet, movies, TV shows, songs, newspaper and picture books

Online Chinese language learning tools
Course Materials
Classroom participation

Performance-based project

Standard-based evaluation

Formative and summative assessment
Happy Learning Chinese!
Special event and field trip
Last year
Chinese New Year celebration at ID
Chinese restaurant weekend dinning
Chinatown field trip

This year....
Weekend dinning?
Weekend Chinese movie watching?
Chinese performing art?
Shopping at Chinese supermarkets?
Went into kindergarten class to teach them how to write Chinese characters.
Weekend dinning out at a Chinese restaurant
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