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Weather vs. Climate

No description

Tina White

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Weather vs. Climate

Condition of the atmosphere at a given time
Varies from day to day and seasonally throughout the year
What is weather?
A) Tempature, city, wind speed and direction, and precipitation
B) Clouds in the sky, ocean currents, and wind speed
C) Temperature, clouds in the sky, wind speed, and precipitation
D) Seasons
What factors affect what you call the weather?
A. Ocean Currents
B. Wind Patterns
C. Latitude
D. Altitude
E. All of the Above
How is climate determined?
Average weather conditions over a period of time.
Location sensitive
Depends on the latitude and geography of a location
Varies place to place
What is climate?
What are the most important factors in determining the weather and climate in different locations on Earth's surface?
Allison, Alyssa, and Tina
Weather vs. Climate
Traits of weather
Clouds in the sky
Wind speed and direction
Air masses
Attributes that determine and influence climate
your north and south location on Earth.
The closer you are to the equator the warmer the climate due to direct sunlight.
The further you are from the equator the colder the climate due to a lack of sunlight.
Ocean currents:
what water and air temperatures are brought your way.
Has less affect if you are further inland.
Wind patterns:
amount of wind brought towards your location and the speed at which it moves.
Lots of cold wind can attribute to a cooler climate while warm wind can attribute to a warmer climate.
your distance above or below sea level.
The higher you are above sea level the colder the temperature due to lack of water in the air and pressure on the air.
The closer you are to sea level the warmer the temperatures due to large amounts of water in the air and pressure on the air.
"What is the difference between Weather and Climate in relation to time?"
D: Seasons
A) Climate changes from day to day, Weather is long term B) Both weather and climate change day to day
C) Both weather and climate are long term
D) Climate is long term, and weather changes day to day
D) Climate is long term, and weather changes day to day
E: All of the Above
Ocean currents, wind patterns, latitude, altitude.
National Research Council. (2012). .A Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.
NASA - What's the Difference Between Weather and Climate? (2005, February 1). Retrieved September 29, 2014.
Weather and Climate Basics. (2003). Retrieved October 1, 2014.
Influences on weather and climate
Climate is based off of the average weather conditions in a specific location. Climate is long term while weather is day to day. The patterns that occur day to day affect what the climate is classified as for a specific region.
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