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Netsuite Presentation-Koushik

No description

Koushik Reddy Tuniki

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of Netsuite Presentation-Koushik

"Netsuite provides companies around the globe, clod-based, unified systems that deliver unprecedented capabilities to drive their business.
"Netsuite transforms how businesses operate so they can achieve their business vision."
"The #1 Cloud business Management Software Suite"

Enterprise Resource Planning
Runs all key back office operations and financial business processes in the cloud.( Accounting, Inventory, supply chain and order management)
Accelerate the order-to cash process by 50%+
Slash financial close by over 50%
Drive better, faster decision-making
Improve workforce productivity
Lower cost of ownership
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
Software that delivers customer management in marketing, opportunity management, order management, customer upsell, cross-sell, renewal and customer service.
Streamlines lead-to-cash processes
Improves sales performance through forecasting, upsell and commision management.
Manage global sales and services organizations.
Combination of ecommerce, order management, inventory, CRM and financials.
B2C Commerce
B2B Commerce
Order Management
Professional Services Automation
Improves resource utilization, on-time project delivery and profitability and streamlines invoicing and billing.
Key Benefits
Delivers visibility into your services organization's performance and profitability.
Improves on-time project delivery
Mobile access to time and expense management.
Reduce hardware maintenance cost.

Key Benefits
Key Benefits
Today's business struggle with Application Hairball
NetSuite: One system for Running business
About NetSuite
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