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Copy of Barbara Norris Case Facts

No description

Niclas Hildebrand

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Barbara Norris Case Facts

(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
Horizontal Hostility
Nurse-Physician Relationship
What's Needed to Fix the GSU?
Hi, I'm Barbara Norris
Lots of Problems in the GSU
Case Study: Barbara Norris
Leading Change in the General Surgery Unit
Nurse to Nurse
Doctor to Nurse
Nurse to Patient
Nurse to Middle Management
New Opportunity!
Barbara Norris Resume
Born/raised western Mass
3rd generation nurse
Graduated with honors from Eastern Massachusetts University (EMU), and then started working there
Masters in Nursing & Health Care Administration

4 years in Emergency Room
1 year in trauma unit

Betty Nolan, mentor and manager
Triple Threat
New Nurses -
Veteran Nurses - "We're over-worked and don't have time to babysit!"
"Incompetence is everywhere! We prefer some nurses over others"
What's the Situation?
"We're getting treated terribly & there is no room for learning or growth!"
Position Open - Nurse Manager General Surgery Unit
Reporting directly to Hospital Nursing Director, John Frappewell
Managing 30+ staff members
Took some time off to do the family thing, but now i'm back and ready to jump start my career again
Dream Job?
...Dream Job?!
Doctor's -
Management Challenge
Management Challenge
Management Challenge
Management Challenge

by Niclas Hildebrand, ....
Who is Barbara Norris (generell)
EMU industry / economy
GSU initial situation
Barbara Norris a fitting choice?
challenges Barbara Norris faces/ challenges a manger faces -->
changes required --> action plan
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