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Unit 3 Project

No description

Katey Muldrow

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Unit 3 Project

Unit 3 Project:
Ready for Risk 1) Packaging 2) Consumerism 3) Rhetrickery Therefore this video meets the definition of rhetrickery to some extent, in that it creates misunderstanding for the viewer.

Rhetrickery: The whole range of shoddy, dishonest communicative arts producing misunderstanding- along with other harmful results. The arts of making the worse seem the better cause. (Booth 11) 2) Consumerism 3) Rhetrickery 1) Packaging This video is a Public Service Announcement...

It shows a family and their home being turned
upside down from an unnamed disaster.

The video then tells you to be READY... Here are the frames and text of the video. ...how promotional material, information brochures and advice columns build on our fears, anxieties and desires in order to sell, convince, persuade and believe; in short, to consume. (Nayar 192) 'Packaging' is a method of constructing meanings, assigning values and building opinions around a particular issue, commodity, service or condition of life. (Nayar vii). Risk is something that CAN happen, that MAY happen.(Nayar 99) This video is packaged with risk. What if a disaster strikes without warning? What if life as you know it has completely turned on its head? What if everything familiar has become everything but? Before a disaster turns your family's world upside down, it is up to you to be ready. What if a disaster strikes without warning? Before a disaster turns your family's world upside down, it is up to you to be ready. What if everything familiar has become everything but? What if life as you know it has completely turned on its head? Risk entails the responsibility to act so that risk is averted or minimized. (Nayar 98) It wants you to think "What If?" It plays with your fear of danger and/or loss. It wants you to act based on a simulated disaster. Then this PSA pushes you to DO something. The task of 'packaging' risk is primarily to do with this IMAGINATIVE component. (Nayar 101) So now we look at this video with a larger lens. ~Middle Class Family~ ~Possessions in Home~ This PSA has less of a focus the material objects in the home.

However, it does make a point to establish the class of the family.

Both parents are dressed professionally.
The boy has video game equipment.
A TV goes flying through the air.
The furniture is stylish.
In the video we also see a coffee maker and other appliances.

It is easy to see that the home belongs to a middle-class family who lives very comfortably. This promotes the common consumerist message that these possessions are the norm and it is important to live like this family does. ~The Kit~ This PSA also advocates the viewer to go out and get a kit. This message asks people to go buy products that would help them be prepared. in the context of... No critical judgments can be more complicated than trying to distinguish good rhetoric from bad. (Booth 39) The video begins with sinister and slow piano music

This sets a serious and dire mood for the viewer. Then the video engages in perhaps the worst rhetrickery when it suggests to the viewer that following its instructions and being prepared will allow you to completely escape harm. No one gets hurt. The family is able to escape the house. No outside assistance is needed. In constructing their message this way, the creator of this video gives the viewer a sense of confidence in preparing for disaster. The rhetrickery: disasters are rarely escaped completely. Sources:

WWW.Ready.GOV PSA: National Preparedness Month 2009 (YouTube)

Wayne C. Booth and "The Rhetoric of Rhetoric".

Pramod Nayar and "Packaging Life: Cultures of the Everyday". ~Katey Muldrow~ www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSLaizhW0ZI&playnext_from=TL&videos=MnJAhprrJ54
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