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Unilever Ponds toothpaste

Marketting Failure - Ponds Tooth paste

Diana John

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Unilever Ponds toothpaste

Hindustan Lever Limited First product -Soaps & Detergents Mostly skin care products,positioned as an all purpose skin care Re entering in the market with new name and positioning Fabric Wash,Skin care products, Personal Wash,Hair products,house hold products Brand that celebrated Women’s Courage and personality Extended to toothpaste category My Suggestion Marketting Failure of Unilever Limited Ponds Ponds Tooth Paste It was not accepted as Ponds was associated tofreshness, fragrance, and clean skin why Fail? Mis-match between the attribute of toothpaste & the soap Unable to differentiate ‘Ponds’ toothpaste from that of ‘Colgate’ Consumer refused to accept when Ponds label was attached to the toothpaste Wrong perception and lack of market study Classic case of product failure by extension Extension must strengthen the core and the core must remain unchanged Thank You
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