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"Sleeping Beauty" Movie Plot Diagram Christine Johnson perio

No description

Christine Johnson

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of "Sleeping Beauty" Movie Plot Diagram Christine Johnson perio

Sleeping Beauty
Prince Philip
Rising Action
Brior Rose lives 16 years with her fairy godmothers and it is finally her birthday
Brior Rose is told to go pick berries
When she goes to pick berries she meets prince phillip and falls head over heels
Rising Action continued
Brior Rose comes home to a suprise birthday
she tells her "aunts" that she met the love of her life
they then tell her that she is set to marry someone and she cant meet him tonight beause she is going to the castle
"Sleeping Beauty" Movie Plot Diagram Christine Johnson period:2 9/24/14
Intial conflict
Maleficient casts a spell on Aurora that on her 16th birthday she will prick her finger on a spindel and will fall into a sleep like death
Rising action continued
Maleficient captures prince philip when he was suppose to be meeting the Princess
Maleficient appears in castle and watches brior rose/aurora prick her finger
The fairies realize that the only way to wake aurora up was to find Prince Philip
they find him and release him
they then give him the sword of truth and the shield of justice
Falling Action
Maleficient turns into a Dragon
prince philip kills maleficient
he then goes back to castle and kisses princess
The princess wakes up and they go to the ball and suprise their parents because they have already meet
Once upon a dream
main character
effects on characters
maleficient was the odd against sleeping beauty waking up
effect on characters
Aurora found true love and technically solved her own probelm
Love Conquers all even with
odds against you.
Prince Phillip
Main character
effects on characters
prince phillip contributes to the theme because he was the love that conquered maleficient
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